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Help...I need something to replace chips!

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Hi, so far i've lost around 10 lbs.....25 more to go!!!! Anyways, I am a chip girl and I've been replacing them with Low-Fat Triscuits. Does anyone know of a different food that isn't as high in fat and is low in salt and is crispy like a chip...pretzels maybe...Hmmmm...Thanks so much!
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All Bran Multigrain crackers are yummy and you can also by unsalted pretzels
well, you can do "healthier" chips by slicing sweet potatoes or red potatoes very thin and baking them in the oven sprayed with a bit of pam or brushed very very lightly with olive oil.  This makes them crisp and a lot healthier.

Other ideas are soy crisps - they come in a bag in many different flavors and are quite yummy.  Also rice cakes which you can find in different flavors can satisfy that crunch for about sixty calories or so.

I also like celery with a bit of low fat cream cheese on it sometimes.
or baby carrots they have a crunch to them, dip in a little bit of FF ranch.
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oooh yeah- forgot about rice cakes - and there are so many yummy flavors
Wow. you guys are great....what a quick response. Those are some great ideas!!!!!! I'm going shopping tomorrow! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!
Wow, Christins73....just saw your profile....You look great!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!
popcorn! you can get some plain stuff and munch on cups of it for a low cal snack.  I love the pop secret 100 calorie pop, but it does have some salt, so I dont know if you consider that low sodium.

I also love them rice cakes. GREAT 'going to the movies' option.

OH dont eat the movie theater popcorn. 500 calories in a small one of those.

radish chips!  they are awesome: l
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Quaker Crispy Minis!

They are little rice chips that come in different flavours, many the same as chips, like salt and vinegar, sour cream and chive, dill, ketchup, BBQ, nacho, cheddar(taste like cheezies to me!) and even have a whole grain line...

60 calories and 1.5 grams of fat per 14 gram serving(about 8 chips - I usually have 2 or 3 servings at a time). The whole grain Parmesan & Roasted Garlic flavour, Yummy, is 2.5 grams fat per serving but also has 1 gram of fibre per serving!

Have to watch sodium though varies with every flavour...130mg, 210mg, 280mg....just a random check through my cupboard...

Whenever I crave chips, I have some Crispy Minis instead and I am satisfied! :)

Ooh!!!!!!! I totally second silk. I LOVE Quakes- the rice chips by Quaker Oats.

The ranch flavor in particular is SO GOOD :P
baked ritz crackers. OMG, they are great!
For snacking, I love Just Veggies! They have a whole line of different vegetables, are very crispy and have great flavor. Low cal and low sodium. You can check out their website to find a store that sells them, or buy them online.
Fat-free pringles are great! You can eat like 15 of them and only get 70 calories ! Chips are hard to find like that, and they're so good ! Also, fat free pretzels are so good. There's a natural brand of cheetos, you can find them at walmart with the healthy chips. they're better than reg. cheetos, and healthier. Also, have u tried fruit? Grapes are great I am always eating them and it's like I always say, I'd rather be munching on grapes over chips anyday!
i was VERY disapointed in the pringles. I do love those 100 calorie pack doritos tho. Make a turkey sandwich, and instead of cheese crunch a few on the top. Might I say YUM? YUMMMM :)
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You just cannot go wrong with air-popped pop corn. Get a little I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Fat Free Spray and some salt or cinnamon and Splenda and you have yourself a real treat with very little fat or calories.
My vote goes to Quakes, and also brown rice cakes at 35 calories each.
Really, when I am looking for something to curve my chip craving is, I take two Low Fat, Low Cal, High Fiber Bread (such as Weight Watchers or Dempsters Body Wise) toast it and dip it in salsa.  You get the crunch, it's more filling, less greasy, all around better for you (unless you are on the low carb diet), and you don't feel like ikk afterwards.
u can make ure own tortilla chips

just buy those torilla's at the grocery store..they are usually arund 80 calories each..then break them up into bite size peices and microwave it for about 1 min and 30 seconds...then add some salsa and u get a snack for 100 calories :)
I used to eat lots of chips and when I opened a bag, I couldn't stop.  What I liked was the crunch.  Now, when I get the crunch craving I go for cereal.  I love it because it's not salty and it's very crunchy.  When I do get a salt craving I eat low-fat popcorn.
I personally love chips and couldn't give them up for anything. Those 100 calorie packs are helpful, though. I love Tostitos baked chips with guac, but that is my treat food. If you want something crunchy, try pretzel rods, popcorn, celery, rice cakes, basically what everyone else said. I understand how you feel though, I'm a sucker for chips :)
Ornella, I love your tortilla idea.  The corn tortillas I buy are 50 calories each.  I never thought to tear them up and make them into chips.  It's a great solution, thanks!
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