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Help...I need ideas for quick dorm room meals

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Despite being categorized as being obese I found that I didn't actually eat that much calorie-wise on a daily basis, and the calories i did consume was often in the evening. I attribute this to not having time (some would say I just didn't make the time) but however you want to put it I am trying to change that now because i know its an unhealthy habit and part of the reason why I've been gaining.

Just to get me back into eating more regularly and eating the right amount of calories i had bought the lean cuisine/smart ones microwave meals thinking hey it's quick and it's easy..perfect for my busy schedule. But they really aren't that healthy when you think about sodium levels right? I started off just counting calories but I want to eat healthy too...

Soo please share if you have any ideas that are healthy and still quick and easy for a dorm room. I only have a hot pot and a microwave.



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soups... also you can cook a meal (on sunday) and then portion it out and stick it in the freezer... everyday you can just take one out and heat it up :)
cereal (kashi, special k, etc.)
quaker rice cakes and snacks
frozen vegetables (just pop them in microwave and you can add mustard/seasonings)
fruits (great for on the go munchies)
lunch meat (pair it with a slice of cheese for a snack)
beans and egg whites for protein (heat them up in the microwave too)
almonds or anytype of nut (limit yourself)
soup too as mentioned above (progresso zero is good)

As you can see, I don't eat big meals... I just snack throughout the day.  Those are a few things off the top of my head. Hope they work :)

Thanks guys :) Those are all really great ideas. I had thought of soup but I was concerned about the sodium levels...or am i just being paranoid?

I honestly don't know why I hadn't thought of frozen easy too...maybe it was subconscious hehe.

Anyway thanks again :)

I also live in a dorm.

My roomate and I buy the Smart Ones meals. I don't figure they are that bad. Also, they make the frozen veggie cup things that you can pop in the microwave. We got broccli and cheese.

Besides that we usually get light and fit yogurt (be careful, alot have too much sugar), chips and salsa, special K for the morning, tons of water of course, 100 cal packs, sugar free ice cream, light butter popcorn, etc. We are stocked right now. haha!

Frozen veggies nuke up great in the microwave. I always have some steamed veggies in the fridge, whenever I run out I nuke more, heh. Also really like the new green giant boxed frozen veggie mixes, take them to work a lot.

Stuff that stores well unrefrigerated (this will mostly be in the health food/import food aisle):

Fantastic foods makes a great (dried) hummus mix, you can make a little or a lot, and IMO you can cut the oil way back and still tastes great for veggie dip or sandwich/wrap spread.

Couscous doesn't need a stove, just pour boiling water or the broth from your veggies over it , and wait a couple mins.

Sweet potatoes nuke well.

I like mott's healthy harvest blueberry applesauce cups, keep them at work in case I forget to bring in any fruit. 50 cals, no refrigeration needed.

Also usually have a couple small cans of chick peas at work, add them to a garden salad or my green giant veggies to balance that.

I'd get some olive oil, and add a bit with spices anytime you make a meatless/lowfat dish unless you're having something with fat in it as well, some vitamins need fat for your body to absorb them. Or add some butter if you keep that, but remember completely non-fat isn't well-balanced either.

Frozen cocktail shrimp only needed thawed, so they're quick and easy to add to any steamed veggie dish.

um, that's pretty much what I eat during the work week, once you add fruit, cheese, Kashi, oatmeal, bran flakes and soymilk. And gotta have the campbell's tomato soup, I don't care about the sodium :) I don't live in a dorm room, I just hate to wash pot n pans, heh.

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When I was in college I used to make pasta in the microwave all the time. I'd throw some spaghetti or linguine and water in a thick Tupperware bowl and would cook on high for 7 min, stir, then cook another 7 min. Then I would drain, pour a little jarred sauce on top and throw it back in for 30 seconds.

There was no kitchen on my floor, but this was a simple meal that I could change up. Get different sauces, or different pastas. You want to avoid anything too thick though, it takes longer for the thicker pastas to cook.

 Add some of those frozen veggies and you have the dorm version of a home cooked meal!

Another college kid, here!  ;)  The only thing I spend my dining account money on is coffee, salad bar items, fruit, and english muffins and single-serve peanut butter things.  So, I'm all about the fend-for-yourself food situation!

Personally, I'm a big fan of soup.  I know, high sodium and all that... but quite honestly, it's probably my main source of sodium for teh day, so I don't worry too much.  That being said, Progresso Light soups are really good, as are those cartons you can get... Imagine, I think, is a really good one... there's some goood soups, and it's handy to have 2-4 servings available.  :)  Campbell's select signature gold label, whatever... in little cartons.. also very good.

Orowheat makes a really good bread, it's like "light" or something.  40 cals/slice, and it has a REALLY good taste and consistency and i just love it.  good for toast, sandwhiches, anything!

Cereal.  Cheerios, special k, etc...  oatmeal...  all that good stuff...

let's see.  i'm sort of drawing a blank on what I have/eat, but if I think of more I'll let you know!

Canned meats - tuna, salmon, chicken - all great grab and goes. 

Cottage cheese.

You can get some canned soups that are reduced sodium. Stay away from the creamed soup.

I often microwave frozen veggies with a little bit of water, takes like 3 mins.

Oatmeal - instant packages, just watch the calories - and just add boiling water or microwave. Good quick breakfast. Add a side of egg whites, and you have a pretty good breakfast.  you can buy cartons of egg whites, i put them in the microwave - 1.20 mins - add salsa or fresh veggies. Eat like that or add to a wrap or pita.

When I lived in the dorms, I made very bad food choices including ramen noodles, chef boyardee and bologna sandwiches (since I thought that was all I could afford).. Now I eat low-sugar cereal, low-fat yogurt, reduced fat peanut butter on just about anything, and chicken breasts. See if you are allowed to have a george foreman in the room, since this is an easy way to cook chicken. I am at an ideal weight now and very healthy. I am trying to stick to the south beach diet since I was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic so I don't eat as much cereal anymore, but cereal was great for me when I could eat it. I love buying the creamed spinach in the frozen veggie isle and dipping tortilla chips in it. And the only reason you would have to watch your salt intake is if you have high blood pressure. They made a bunch of healthy soups now with sea salt, which isn't as bad for you. Good luck!!
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