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never ate them, begining to realize maybe I should start, but the texture of them grosses me out. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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what have you tried, i mean the textures can vary enormously between different vegetables and so can the tastes! 

That's a very ignorant thing to say. 

That's like saying you hate all dogs, without ever owning one. 

I find it very hard to believe you hate ALL vegetables since vegetables all have different tastes and textures, and can be prepared so many different ways. You obviously grew up in a home that never knew how to prepare vegetables, so you have this preconceived idea that all vegetables taste like however your parents made them (likely steamed to grey mush and covered with margarine)

Be more open minded, and don't dismiss things so suddenly. That's a recipe for failure.

Grow up. 


A potato will have a different texture from a cauliflower or a tomato (I consider it a veggie, my bad)- and that is just raw. You open up new ideas and options for cooking in many different ways. 

For example- I LOVE cooked carrots, but I dislike raw carrots. I like steamed broccoli, but raw broccoli makes me shudder. I like baked potatoes and hate scalloped. I don't like raw tomatoes, but I love tomato sauce for pasta. 

Don't say you hate all veggies, or that it is a texture thing. Just go in with an open mind and you will find what you like- give it a try! C :

I grew up in a family where they don't eat much vegetables, but you gotta start somewhere. I started introducing vegetables to my family and I bought my own groceries for some time when I was so determined and now I think I have influenced some of my family members! Vegetables are so delicious. :) You gotta try them prepared in different ways. You can start by eating it with something else more familiar to you - it doesn't have to be in a form of salad all the time. My boyfriend hates vegetables too, but he likes simple things like these, which you could definitely try, as a start.

  • romaine lettuce (Caesar salad is delicious)
  • carrots (in all forms, his favorite happens to be pureed)
  • tomato salsa (so delicious with chips or on its own)
  • fresh tomato sauce (can be used with pasta, pizza)
  • avocados (sliced in sandwiches, made into yummy guacamole)
  • cabbage soup (so delicious, so light-tasting)
  • mushrooms (they're so versatile - have them whichever way you like)
  • Stir-fries are delicious and yummy!!

Once you get over their taste, you can surely have a lot more vegetables raw or lightly cooked. :)


As a veggie lover I luckily have never had this problem although there are lots of ways of preparing them.

You could try making a salsa for certain vegetables (plenty of recipes on-line) and because of the combination of ingredients usually taste fantastic.

What type of veg in particular grosses you out. If we know that then we can probably help a little more. For example, I cannot eat peaches. The slightly furry skin on them makes me feel like someone is walking over my grave.

Also to carmenxox I feel your reply was a little harsh. Surely by bloming posting the question she did shows that she is keen to overcome this problem?

Some ideas for trying:

- Try grating a cauliflower and mixing it with rice next time you have some. Add herbs to taste

-Make tomato sauce out of chopped tomatos and any combination of zucchinis, eggplants, onion, garlic, carrots mushrooms

-Next time you make a dish with mince (bolognese, perhaps), finely chop and add veggies

-Try raw vegetable sticks (bell pepper, carrot, cucumber) in different dips. Ideas are: greek yogurt, hummus, salsa, guacamole

-puree vegetables and mix in to soup.

-Slice an eggplant, grill/oven until softened, add some italian herbs and tomato paste and cheese, grill until cheese melts. Eggplant pizza!

-Instead of trying to eat vegetables by eating plain vegetables, look up recipes for different ways you can incorporate them.

@ antibage and girlsabsolut, thanks for the adivce, I will try and try some of those things

@ doll eyes, I guess I should have gone into more detail about what I have/ have not eaten.

The texture of Potaotas (unless they have been made into french fries, ad even then sometimes) literally makes me throw up. Lettuce makes me gag when I eat it because in my mind I can feel it all slimy and squirming dowm my throat. I have the same issues with raw tomatoes, and onions at all unless they are SUPER diced. I have had some sucess hiding spinach inside of things, but every once and awhile it gets too "lettuce-y" for me to handel. I assume I have only had bad broccili because it has been limp and mushy and gross when I;ve eaten it. and I can't put cheese on it as I am lactose intolerant.
Celery gets me because of the strings that inevitale hang out when you bite it<- not to mention no flavor. Carrots I have had mild sucess with but have yet to find a nice dressing to put on them to make them more bearable.

I know I sound like a picky child here, but I was  only trying to get ideas from other people of how they eat vegetables seeing as how is a valuable part of a healthy diet that I have missed for my whole life. Thank you for the advice you have shared with me, I will try it and hopefully find new ways to get these nutriants.

Great idea for getting those veggies in without having the taste or texture you hate, try cooking using the cookbook "Deceptively Delicious"  I LOVE THIS BOOK!  It basically tells  you how to mix in veggies with your meals in a way that you won't taste or many times even see (like carrot puree in your hamburger patty) and you still get many of the great nutrients!  Give it a try- its wonderful!

Perfect! That is probably exactly what I need, thank you :)

Bloming, I was in the same boat as you a few months back.  I always hated veggies as a kid and they would literally make me gag. Not as much the texture as the taste.  I would only really eat potatoes, corn, and carrots (and I only really consider carrots the real veggie there).

When I got serious about losing weight, I tried to eat veggies once again.  Green beans and broccoli would still make me gag.  My GF started sneaking them into things (broccoli and spinach in an egg white casserole) and started trying to mask the flavor (butter on green beans helped, parm crusted asparagus). 

While not the healthiest at first, I was still getting veggies and was starting to become accustomed to the taste.  It is now two months later, and I can eat almost any veggie (steamed, boiled, etc) with no added flavoring without gagging.

I am the same way with all dairy products.. ick...  sorry if that is to ignorant for someTongue out

Log your food and see what you are deficient in.  Then take supplements to make up for your lack of veggie intake.  That is what I do to supplement my lack of dairy.

We are all different, if you dont like veggies dont eat them.  Why eat something you dont like????

Carmen....Was that really necessary? You could have written a more positive response.

Variety, and try different preparations.  Raw vs. cooked vs. different methods of cooking can make the same vegetable vary incredibly.

And make sure that anything you eat raw is fresh.  Lettuce should not be slimy!

Original Post by kori00:

Carmen....Was that really necessary? You could have written a more positive response.

completely necessary. 

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