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I'm really am serious about getting the right amount of fiber and protien this go roud, I fekt kike that is what my diet was missing.

Today I did not pack my lunch but we have a cafeteria here and I wanted to know, what is a well rounded healthy lunch that does not have a lot of calories that I can have a healthier dinner tonight!

I only eat now 1200 caloriese because i am determain to loose!

so anybody out there ......HELP a sister out!

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Well what kinds of things does the cafeteria have?  That would be a good place to start.
they have salad bar they have a grill (the no no spot ) and they have a deli and they have pizza and they have a entree place (ex. yesterday they had tso chicken rice and egg roll)
Hi malikabizzell. I was reading some forums this morning and noticed that there are many individuals who want to better their health but are looking for guidance, so I decided to join caloriecount plus.  I see that you are down to a 1200 calorie diet and you are wondering about fiber and protein. The first thing I want to say is; keep the meals spread out. If you have not already done so, split your 1200 calories into 5 separate meals. Consuming 5 smaller meals throughout the day will help regulate homeostasis and not send your body into starvation mode. Usually when you receive body signals of hunger such as a growling stomach, it is too late and your body will instinctively store as many calories as you put into it. Your body does not want to have to go through this "starvation" again, so it makes sure it has an excess amount of calories to last the next 7 or 8 hours. So eating something small every 4 hours will help keep your body happy and limit the amount of calories stored (generally as fat). Fiber can be found in many foods. Try to consume fresh fruit (not canned or fruit cups). Fruit is very high in two forms of fiber, one located right below the peal such as on an apple or pear, and one in the flesh of the fruit. Also, anything that is whole grain is high in fiber. Don't mistake wheat and grain. Most wheat breads are no more different then white, unless the word Whole or 100% is located in front of Wheat. Protein is found everywhere including grains, milk products such as yogurt, nuts, beans, meat, and the list goes on. A good balance of protein and fiber would be a trail mix. I am not talking about the trail mix with candy included, I am talking about real trail mix which includes nuts (almonds), dried fruit, and seeds. This combination is high in protein, high in fiber, and high in unsaturated fats. Unsaturated fats are the "good fats". Just be sure to watch the sodium content if you consume pre-packaged trail mixes or any processed or pre-packaged foods (including lunch meat) Also, KEEP THE WATER FLOWING! Along with other numerous benefits, water helps curb hunger.
  wellnessguy_cpt-WOW! that is Great info ALOT !!!! but GREAT. I want to have a well rounded breakfast  snack lunch snack dinner and not be hungry and not  go over my calorie intake for that day, see I dont like milk or cheese but i do like yogurt so i eat one every day sometimes twice a day. Im trying so hard  to get this last 10 pounds maybe even 15 pounds off me so im willing to do evrything i can to make that happen!!
Well based on those options, I would say that you have some different choices.  Obviously, a big healthy salad would be a great way to fill you up and help you get fiber and nutrients.  Load up on all the veggies you want, but stay away from things like cheese, croutons, and creamy dressings.  Put on a light dressing or a little lemon juice.  You could add some protein to your salad if they have it (grilled chicken strips, etc.) to make it a main meal.  Or, you could eat it alongside another item.  I would recommend something from the grill, personally.  Contrary to what  you may think, the grill is not a "no no spot"--it's a good way to prepare meat without frying it or drowning it in oil.  You could order a grilled chicken breast or a lean cut of steak.  Just ask the chef not to add any extra oil to it, and take a reasonable portion size (3 oz--the size of a deck of cards).  If they give you more than that, save the rest for later.  I think grilled meat and a side salad sounds very healthy and delicious, and is great way to get both fiber and protein with little fat.  If you don't like that idea, though, you could get a healthy sandwich from the deli if they have one.  Just choose lean meats, leave off the cheese if you want to cut more calories, and use mustard instead of mayo.  Good luck!
  ratinhat88- that is great info and i will diff keep that in mind for lunch and now i really think i have a clear understanding on the proper things and way to go about this new diet lifestyle!!!!!!
Good info!!!
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