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Help with Crunchy Snack list

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I am new, have been on and off dieting for who knows how long. I am an emotional eater who loves crunchy salty snacks. Chips & popcorn I am a sucker for, love them. Does anyone have any snack type items that will fill this void. Any help, that would be an easy transition from the unhealthy snack to the healthy snack. 

I do have the shake for the popcorn, but I can't stop at just one serving of the popcorn.... I know I will have to, but I need a slap in the face to get me out of my bad habits....


any help would do




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Eating a steamed corn on the cob is better than eating lots of popcorn. ;)

- roasted chick peas (spray with pam, sprinkle with s + p, and bake for 40 mins- same works with brussel sprouts)

- pepper and cucumber sticks (dip into hoummus/salsa if you want)

- pretzels (you can get the 100 calorie packs if that's easier...ditto popcorn)

- roasted green beans/asparagus (same method as chick peas but only bake for 20 mins or so)

- wholewheat wrap cut into strips, sprayed with pam, sprinkled with spices and baked

My favourite are crunchy carrot (and other veg) slices dipped in hummus......  Savoury, crunchy, take ages to eat but relatively low calorie.

you can air pop the popcorn and a serving size is 3cups popped. You can find one of those popcorn poppers for cheap everywhere, mine was from the thrift store. Or you can get those 100 or even 90 cal serving packs of popcorn.

Slice up potatoes and make your own chips, less fat and less salt and no added chemicals. Goodluck.

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If you have trouble resisting those bad salty snacks, I might suggest not keeping them at your house.  It's too tempting...

 Being a emotional eater myself I know how hard it is to stay on a diet. I too have been on many. What I try to do when I get into a stressful situation is get outside and take a walk,find something else to keep me from going to the comfort foods I love and make me feel loved. I also might decide to snack on celery,100 calorie popcorn,you could have the three cups of air popped if you want.(I use pam butter spray or I can't believe its not butter spray on mine) I am finally learning when I am stressed,and its alot these days to tell myself its okay. If I do go to the frig and get something I shouldn't I don't beat myself up about it anymore..I just let it roll off my back. Good Luck! And by the way..I have found this site is the best place for me to be,it has helped me so much. I even come here when I have a stress situation! I also love to snack at night but its getting better. I try to save a low calorie snack just case I needed one,sometimes its every night!Laughing

I like air popped popcorn a lot, but if you're used to the butter/salt/trans fatty microwave version of popcorn, you'll be left unsatisfied by it.

I also really love veggies in a reduced fat sour cream dip. I buy the stir-fry pack of pre-cut broccoli, bell pepper, onion, cauliflower, and snap pea (because I'm too lazy to cut my own) and mix my sour cream with dried herbs (usually garlic powder, dill weed, and a few shakes of a Mrs Dash seasoning blend). And if you're looking for healthier than the sour cream, try a hummus dip - lots of protein!

Here are my favorite snacks...

young cucumbers with roasted red pepper hummus - any form of hummus is delicious!

whole wheat pita chips with home made salsa. Make your own chips by cutting a whole pita loaf into triangles and baking them in the oven.. The salsa is also pretty easy - chop 1 part onion and green bell pepper to 2 parts tomato. Add lime juice, salt, pepper and cilantro. SUPER healthy.

baked potato wedges - spray them with cooking spray and then sprinkled with salt, pepper, and any other condiments you like.. bake in oven. I do this with sweet potatoes too - so good!

2 wasa rye or whole wheat crackes with a laughing cow light swiss cheese wedge - it hits the spot!

Dry roasted nuts.. I like almonds and cashews.. unsalted

Reduced Fat Wheat Thins

Caramel Corn or Cheesey Rice Cakes

Pistachios... yummy and it takes a while to shell them, so it slows me down!

Special K Cereal... 3/4 c. = 120 calories (I eat it dry, so it feels more like a snack)

I second the roasted chick peas, I season mine with garilic salt, garlic pepper and sweet paprika (put on at the end or it burns and turns bitter)  just watch it because 1/2 cup = 120 cals

Wasabi peas are a great crunch snack too.. if you like wasabi 


  • Celery sticks w/ hummus
  • Chex mix
  • Nice big green apple! ^_^
  • Unsalted pretzels
  • Mixed nuts ; their crunchy, right?

I love the salty/crunchy combo, too.

I eat the whole wheat goldfish crackers from Peppridge Farm. I literally count out a serving size (55 pieces). it's like 140 calories or something.

Wheat Thins and Triscuits both come with low sodium.  I like them because there are a lot of little crackers in a 150 cal serving.  I also vote for rice cakes. 

100 cal microwave popcorn pack are awesome. I buy the big box and keep 2-3 packs on my shelf at a time and store the rest away.  That way if I have a bad day and cave it isn't horrible.  That said, even if you do have a whole bag of light popcorn it still isn't too bad, not like chips or cheetos (personal fave).  Also I keep lots of celery, carrots, and green pepper slices on hand with Lt Ranch salad dressing.  I cut the veggies and store them in bags in the fridge for easy grabbing.  Plus the new single serve salad dressing is easy to grab and take to work.

With low carb, not a lot of crunchy but my fav has been triscuits and just discovered freeze dried fruits which I love.

Everything comes in 100 cal packs now.

Cheeze-its, Goldfish 100 cal packs, Pretzel 100 cal packs, popcorn 100 cal packs. mmm salty. Plain ol ricecakes broken up do the trick too. All other suggestions are great too. Can't say they're "healthy" but you can't do a 360 when you start to diet. Take it slow, and cut out your unhealthy foods slowly, or you'll just get overwhelmed and go "nevermind with this stupid diet! i want my chips!"

anything pre-portioned in 100 cal packs, baby carrots, celery, and those "quakes" mini rice cakes that quaker sells

I like mixing two tbsp of sour cream with a tsp of hot sauce and then dipping celery strips in it, it's so good!

Robert's Gormet stuff--like Veggie Booty (my favorite) you can view their product line on their website ; they're pretty tasty and their baked stuff isn't gross, it tastes good.  Like Baked Tings.  I recommend those too.

Or Soy Crisps--I get the plain sea salt version, which is really good but they make ranch and garlic varities that are good too. 

I'm a crunchy eater too and have a hard time about 8-9 PM.  I go the popcorn route but instead of butter I put brewer's yeast on it.  It tastes great!

Dry Roasted Edamame - high in protein, low in carbs & sugar. Not bad on the sodium.

Raw nuts (retain more good fats than roasted ones, but you have to like them)

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