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 This past week has been REALLY bad. Actually - this past month has been bad!! I have only gained maybe 1 pound in the past month, but i've been eating sweet things NON STOP!! I stay within my calorie limit - i eat around 1300 a day. At one point a few months ago i trained myself to only eat 1 or 2 sweets a week. Now i've screwed up and can't go a day without one. It's getting to the point where i just hate myself after i eat one. I'm so mad at myself for letting it get like this. I also know that if i dont stop now, i'll most definitely gain weight sooner then later - and a LOT of it!!

  I don't know if it's because colder weather is coming and i've been wearing sweatshirts. So maybe i'm not as motivated as when it's bathingsuit season. I don't konw. I was just wondering what you guys do to stop the cravings?? Do i have to go cold turkey? The problem is, i'm moving back in with my mom in January and she is a CHOCOHOLIC!! There is ALWAYS sweet stuff at her house.... i'm very afraid! I'm one of those people that if it's around... i'll eat it! HELP, PLEASE!! What can i do to stop?? 

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Hey Sunshine, I really know how you feel.  I love sweets, and I live with my parents who usually have sweets around, along with my brother who loves to bake cookies.  I try to make sure that I eat really healthy and low calorie throught the day and try really hard not to have any sweets.  Then at night while everyone else is having something, I know that I have eaten well so I can afford the calories of chocalote or some other sweetthing.  If I don't treat myself to something then I know that the diet isn't going to work for me.   I have so far lost 15 lbs doing this.  OH, and I also eat fewer calories than the site says that I should.  It recommends that I eat 1450 calories a day to get to my ideal weight in a year, so I eat 1200 calories a day, plus I take a multi-viatmin.  Don't feel bad if you need something sweet.  If your really hard on yourself, the diet isn't going to work, or at least that's how it is for me.  I'm trying to be nice to myself and not feel bad about things otherwise I know I wont be able to loose the weight that I need to.   
If you really feel that you shouldn't have anything sweet at all, I've read that taking a chromium supplement can help curb your sugar cravings because it helps you maintain a healthy blood sugar level.  I use to work at GNC and people would by chromium picolinate 500, and they said that it really helped.  
I hope that this helps out.

 Thanks for your advice! Yeah, i think it would be very hard to just stop eating them all together. I just wish i could get back to only eating 1-2 every week. Guess all it takes is A LOT OF MOTIVATION, right?! I did it before, why can't i do it again?! It's just that once i start eating them, i'm basically screwed.

 I also eat fewer calories then the site says. I usually try to get around 1200-1300 and it says i can eat about 1450 too. That just seems like too much. The only thing is, i've been getting more fat then protein lately and i know that's not good at all!!

  Do you know how much that chromium supplement is?? I've never even heard of it!

Do you like dark chocolate? It would probably be okay if you had a little square of dark chocolate a day.
  My problem is, i would probably eat the whole candy bar of dark chocolate!! It's like, i feel like i have to finish the sweet thing. I wish i had enough will power to just stop after a few bites. Guess i need to work on that!

Hello Sunshine!  I've found a few tricks that seem to work for me.  When possible I brush my teeth or pop a mint when I start craving sweets.  Other times allow yourself to eat a mini size chocolate bar and go for a walk.  If you buy a smaller portion you don't have to worry about eating the rest of the candy-bar. It's okay to do it, just work a little more to make up for it.  Anyways, good luck! I hope this helps a little.

 P.S. Apples and peanut butter are a good and healthy way to treat yourself.


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The trick for me is this: store the candy/treats as out of the way as possible. If it's dark chocolate squares, allow yourself 1 a day-- but do NOT stand over it while eating the square. Take it out, break the square off, REWRAP the chocolate and put it away. Take the square somewhere else. SIT. Enjoy. Then try to do something else.

Don't be so hard on yourself. Sweets are delicious, darnet! I wish they weren't. We crave them cause they're so good! Everyone does.


Yesterday, I treated myself to a caramello which is my favorite candy bar to have. It takes a long time to eat (for me, anyways) and its 210 calories. Lots of yumminess. Yesterday after I ate it, however, I felt really sick and nauseous, so I don't think I'll be having one for a while.


Anyways, my point is, don't be so hard on yourself. We all crave sweet things. I usually just have a diet soda to curb my craving.

If you feel like you're really truly addicted to them right now, you may have to just force yourself to go cold turkey on the sweets for a few days or so.  Once I get into the good groove of things I realize that, well, candy bars just aren't that tasty...however, in my bad times, mmm I crave them lol.

Dark chocolate is very good, as others have said.  I'm a huge fan of Dove's dark chocolate little squares; they even have a little inspirational message inside the wrapper!  and 5 little pieces are 210 calories.  I usually just have one or two, and make sure the rest are out of site (conspicuously hidden in an old oatmeal jar haha). 

If you can't go cold turkey, just make a new ritual of your sweet-indulgence.  Let yourself know you will have a sweet---later.  Then grab your sweet, maybe grab a glass of red wine if you like that, and enjoy your little indulgence for that night.  (I love that combo...and it's choc full o' antioxidants too!)

since you crave sweets, try eating more protein and for flavor go heavy on the spices and herbs.  Hope that helps but i understand you completely i love sweets too, especially chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bar with almonds.  But it's killer to my mental being.  The guilt is so not worth it.
sunshine, I think you might be my twin haha! you sound just like me! I can"t get enough sweets, i crave them ALL the time. I told myself for the last 3 days no sweets but I caved everyday! I even took them out of my house so I wouldn't be tempted, however the craving was so bad I actually got up and out of the house in the cold and rain to go buy some.. I couldn't stop myself! I hate when I do that but it is beyond me sometimes. Anyone have any miracle cures for not craving sweets? I would love to know how to easily stop the cravings!

Thanks, amy
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