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Why the heck are nuts so high in calories? There's nothing to them!! Good Gracious!!

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Can anyone tell me why? I've been eating cashews and I didn't realize how little I'm allowed to eat. And I didn't know how much an ounce was!!! Good Lawd it aint nothing
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Why they are, not sure, God made em that way I guess Laughing. (that's what I tell my kids when I don't know the answer.) But i do know that they are VERY high in nutritional value, so a little gives you a lot of good nutrition, and the good cholesterol too. 

I also found out the hard way.

I munched em a lot for about a half a week and it stopped (and slightly reversed) my weight loss because of the high calorie content.


Nuts are high in calories due to their high fat content. nuts.html

And if my logic is correct, they need to have a high fat content to give the little seed enough energy to become a tree. 


I eat nuts every day, excatly one serving. You eventualyl learn to stop eating so many nuts like they give you at the store.

I need nuts and PB to get to my daily cals, they are awesome.
They're really high in fat, but it's a good type of fat called monounsaturated fatty acids.  They're good for you, but of course, too many calories is too many calories.   Definitely enjoy them, but in moderation.
They are high in fat, and 1 fat is 9 calories compared to protein or carbs at 4 calories. That is why they are high in calories, but most of them are a good fat... almonds are the best according to my nutritionist : )

I just ate an oz. of nuts as my 3 pm snack.  I measure them out and then stick to it. With a cup of tea with one sugar packet it makes a nice snack that tides me over til dinner.  A container of nuts can last me weeks and all the fat content satisfies me so I don't binge.  Check out different types of nuts -- some are lower in calories then other.  I love Brazil nuts but they are the worst, so I buy other types.

Also, try half a serving of lightly salty nuts with half a serving of raisens.  It is a nice sweet and salty combo and high in fiber and protein.

I love almonds and pecans!  I eat them as snacks mized with dried friut, mostly cranberries...It is very satisfying because its like crunchy and chewy all at the same time...but only like half a serving

How do you all manage to just eat one serving? I try to keep snacks at 100 calories and the nuts are usually 160+. Today I just had 1.5 servings. I couldn't help myself and plus I usually don't deprive myself of my cravings on the weekends. I figure if I've worked so hard all week to stick to my goals then I deserve to eat what I want basically on the weekends within reason. That's why I leave them at work so I won't eat them all up!!
In grade school, I just remember my biology teacher (who was an Outward Bound instructor as well) told us that Mountain Climbers and Rock Climbers would pack nuts with them because they were a source of high calorie energy in a dense format that they could carry with them.  As an adult, I think of nuts as energy food for REALLY ACTIVE PHYSICAL PEOPLE and I'm not one of them, so I love them to death, but stay away from them as much as possible.
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It just takes practice! Lots and lots of practice. Don't give up; just keep trying, keep trying to find ways to get to your goal-- in this case, eating a single serving of nuts and being satisfied with that.
of course theres "something" to them! they're rich in monosaturated &polyunstaurated fats, which are great for you! they also are very high in fiber, potassium, vitamins, &minerals!


LOL peaceloveandhominy, I just meant by "nothing" that they are so small and seem so like you are eating nothing. I appreciate all the feedback and I will succeed in limiting my servings to just one or less that one, because like I said I try to keep my snacks to a 100 calorie minimum.  I've never heard of soybean nuts, but boy do I love soy beans. I just bought a bag of frozen edamame and have already eaten the whole thing!!Tongue out
I like to buy the kind of nuts in the shells. That way it takes me a while to eat a serving of them.
I saw someone said they keep their snacks to 100 calories - 18grams of almonds is 100 calories.  You could eat that instead of the full ounce.

None of these answers truly answer the reason why... If you've taken biology you may know that plants store glucose from the polysaccharide, starch. This helps the plant store energy so that it can grow during germination (the growing of a plant in an active state). In order to produce energy the chlorophyll or plant cells captures the sun's light to convert to energy, but because nuts do not have leaves and are not green, they focus on using fermentation to build up their energy supply so that they can continue to grow. Excess energy results in excess glucose which is why nuts are so high in calories. You are consuming all of the excess energy that the nuts have stored inside of them.

~Sincerely, AP Bio. student

Original Post by nenewa:

Can anyone tell me why? I've been eating cashews and I didn't realize how little I'm allowed to eat. And I didn't know how much an ounce was!!! Good Lawd it aint nothing

samantha330 gave a great answer.

I just want to say I share your feelings.

Sometimes when I am drinking a beer (or more), I get the urge to munch on nuts such as mixed-nuts with no peanuts, etc.  I can easily watch a football gave on TV, drink my beer, and consume an entire can of nuts that contains over 2000 calories.


Lol because of the fat in them! You'd see how much oil you can get out of them if you grind up peanuts in a food processor to make your own peanut butter. Or all the oil you find at the top of the peanut butter jar that you have to stir up and refrigerate.

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