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Heavy whipping cream for Mashed Potato ???

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I dont cook but it sounds like the easiest thing to bring thanksgiving so I bought the potatoes and cream but now wondering if heavy whipping cream is for desserts only and not mashed potatoes.

I knew this was to easy to be true.

Anybody know if I heavy whipping cream will work or should I go get a different 'cream" while I still have time. Thanks !!
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It should work... :)  And it should taste good, though, we use 1% milk at home for our mashed potatoes, and it tastes just as good (add a little garlic powder and you've reached cooking heaven :)).  And I believe milk is healthier than heavy whipping cream ;)

But no worry, it shall work! : )
Hello, I have made mashed potatoes with half and half and cream cheese. I use 1 small container of half and half and 8 ounces of cream cheese. Not exactly low fat but hey it's Thanksgiving! I got the recipe from one of Rachel Ray's cookbooks. It is wonderful! You can even put cheese in them.They are best made with Yukon Gold potatoes.
Thank you !! Running back out to the store but wont worry about getting a new cream then -
When in doubt use plain yogurt- great taste without heavy duty calories.  We use plain yogurt for everything, including in the old days, mac and cheese.  Revs the taste right up and you get nutrition, too.
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When I make mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner etc I've always just used 1% milk and a bit of margarine.  I'm not sure if that's any better than heavy whipping cream but it would seem so to me.  They taste great.
You can make butter with heavy cream. 
If you whip your potatoes you may not have to add butter to them.

You can use the heavy whipping cream (and I bet the 'taters will be fab!)

=^..^= MOLLY

Heavy cream is an ingredient in many savory dishes, especially sauces.  It's a little too rich for my taste.  I substitute whole milk or yogurt, or evaporated skim milk, with good results, though I suppose a real gourmet would be able to tell the difference.
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