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Healthy Tortillas - Do they exist?

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Does anyone know if there are brands of tortillas that aren't chock full of preservatives? I'm seriously at a loss as to why I can't find any tortillas that have a pronounceable ingredient list. I don't mind paying more!

I know I could make them myself, but when time is of the essence it's handy to have a pack in the fridge. 

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These are not low cal, but the ingredients list is decent. 

Ingredients: Enriched wheat flour (bleached wheat flour, niacin, iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), filtered water, canola oil, and salt. Contains: Wheat.

I really like them because you keep them uncooked in your fridge, and just pop on in a pan (no oil) for 30 seconds on each side.  That way you get that amazingly fresh tortilla taste, but you can keep them on hand.

Trader Joe's makes a bunch of different kinds of tortillas that are all pretty "clean" and easy to read. They have both corn (white and yellow) and flour tortillas (white, wheat, or low-carb).

Garden of Eatin' makes great organic whole wheat tortillas. You can usually find them at Whole Foods in wherever they keep the other wraps or bread; sometimes in the freezer case.

La Tortilla Factory wraps are my favorite for making substancial sandwiches in. They are huge and packed with fiber and protein. They are also very soft and do not break apart like some other natural tortillas. They have more ingredients than some brands, but no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup or anything like that.

When all else fails - choose corn over flour. Most flour tortillas are made with either lard or hydrogenated oils, plus, they pack nearly twice the calories and carbs of a typical corn tortilla. And hey, corn tortillas are the "authentic" choice anyway, right? :)

Thanks guys. I don't think Trader Joe's exists in Canada, but I will check out Whole Foods for the brands you mentioned. I wouldn't buy flour ones with lard in them in any case because I don't eat lard, but corn does sound better. 

Oh, sorry I didn't know you weren't in the US! Yeah, I don't think Canada has Trader Joe's, which is a shame. It's a great store - like a generic version of Whole Foods almost! Heheh.

Just be careful if you try to make a "wrap" with corn tortillas because they break more easily and are smaller. They make great tacos and baked "chips" though!

here you go...the healthiest of the healthy (for store bought)  ;) dex.cfm?ProductID=37&do=detail

I used to buy tortillas at the store but we always seemed to have run out when we wanted them and if we bought too many then they would mold in the refrigerator.  One day, I realized that women in Mexico (not to mention several other countries too) have been making their own tortillas for centuries and there was no reason that I couldn't do the same.  I have been using the following recipe, available online, for years now and it makes yummy and easy to make tortillas. -end-to-my-quest-flour-tortillas.html

I've tried a tortilla press but the easiest way I found to make them is 1 mixing bowl, 1 rolling pin, and a nice heavy cast iron pan.  If you want you can add a very very thin layer of oil (I use olive oil) to the bottom of the cast iron pan and then add the rolled out tortilla once the oil is heated through to medium heat, hot enough to leave brown specks on one side of the tortilla after 1 min of cooking (then flip over and cook the other side for 1 min.).  If my pan wasn't quite hot enough when I put the tortilla in then I'll cook it a little longer until it is cooked through with a few brown flecks but still soft (and not a tortilla chip which is useful for other recipes). 

Though they may be convenient in some ways, we now never ever buy store-made tortillas because of their high sodium content. There is no better way to get pure ingredients in your food than cooking it yourself.  It is also empowering in that you are no longer dependent on the vagaries of manufacturers when deciding your meals.  No healthy tortillas in stock at your local supermarket?  Make your own!  Also, little kids enjoy helping to roll out a few too, as long as the cooking is done by an adult.  :-)

I have never tried Ancient Grains tortilla wraps, but I have wanted to for a while.  I don't know what their ingredients list looks like but lots of people on my friends' list seem to enjoy them.


Personally, I always get Azteca's White Corn tortillas....very tasty and pretty healthy compared to flour tortillas.  They are in the refrigerated section of the grocery store, rather than with the Mexican food or the breads.   That leads me to believe that they would have less preservatives than other brands.  Kinda like the pickles that are refrigerated as opposed to the ones on the shelves.

Ah, the refrigerated section - I think that might be the key.

Thanks for the recipe too. It looks great and pretty easy. 

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