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healthy snack ideas ditch the cookie !!

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I found this app it is a great help ! Replace the biscuit jar with tupperware tub dried fruit and walnuts on kitchen top and chopped up cucumber and celery in the fridge when you get a craving for sweet thing grab a handful of each :) lets get it done !!!!

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I'll go for a cup of honey nut cheerios(dry) lately that's been curring my sweet tooth??

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A cookie sounds better. Everything in moderation.

Especially celery. Yuk.

mmmm celery... what a treat. 

I love tossing a banana in the freezer and grabbing it when I've got a sweet tooth. Try smearing on a little peanut butter and sticking on some artsy raisin and dried cranberry faces :) or topping it with a shot of low fat whipped cream topping. Just push a Popsicle stick into the banana before freezing for an easy-to-hold kid-friendly treat.

Lots of calories in dried fruits & walnuts!  Grabbing them by the handful could be a problem when counting calories.

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I just eat a cookie if I need one Laughing

Kashi makes these expensive hearty ass cookies that do the job; Plus, they have whole grains, as well as a  bit of dried fruit, nuts, etc.


Here are some of my favorite snack ideas! :] Most of them are between 100 and 200 calories. ^_^

- 1/2 cup whole wheat thin spaghetti [90] drizzled in 1 tbsp olive oil [40] and then topped with something like 1 tbsp sun dried tomatoes [35], 2 tbsp black olives [20], or even a tbsp parmesan cheese [20]

- 1c sorbet [varies] with 16 pistachios [65] or a small handful of some other type of nut

- 1 piece of wholemeal bread [70] or a small banana [90] dipped in 1c fat free milk [90]

- 2 rye crackers [75] with 2 tbsp fat free cream cheese [30], 2 slices of smoked salmon [45] and chopped dried fruit [varies]

- dark chocolate tea cake [105] and an apple [95]

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