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Healthy Poptart Alternatives?

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I'm trying to eat healthy but i really want to eat a poptart! What are some healthy alternatives that have the same taste and textures as a real Poptart? For me, healthy means less fat, less sugar and less sodium than the original.

Also, I'm willing to make my own but all the recipes i've seen use A LOT ( as in 1 entire stick) of butter. If someone has a poptart recipe that uses maybe... 1/4 of a stick of butter, I'd be willing to make my own homemade version.


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I think that Fiber One makes a toaster pastry.

Also, Kellogg's has a Pop-Tart that is lower in fat (strawberry and brown sugar), another version that is higher in fiber (strawberry and brown sugar) as well as all the unfrosted versions (strawberry, blueberry, brown sugar).

Perhaps you could try something like Kashi Cereal Bars?

While everything I listed is a better choice than the original Pop-Tart, they're all highly processed and have little nutrition. Not judging, just pointing that out.

Glad to hear you're trying to make better choices.

I did a quick search for Nature's Path Toaster Pastries and they're only healthier in that they don't use HFCS or a lot of preservatives.  They had more calories, slightly less fat and Na and more sugar than plain Poptarts. These are the unfrosted style. 0pastries?tid=All&brand=All&nutri=All

I use a plain ol' pie crust recipe for homemade toaster pastries. The fat is what makes the crust tender and flakey so reducing the fat is going to reduce the edibility of it.  You can control the sugar and salt in both the crust and the filling. 

I guess what I'm saying is there are no really healthy toaster pastries.  They're a treat to have once in a while and not to worry about them.

what are HFCS??

Sorry, I forget that there are acronyms not everybody is aware of.

Amy's Kitchen toaster pops in the freezer section!!! I don't eat gluten, but Amy's makes all their foods delicious and healthy...whole-wheat, real fruit, yummy reakfast/000184

the Fiber One Pop Tarts are very good!!

Special K makes a crisp bar that tastes just like poptarts.  not really healthly but they  are around 90 cals each.  bet you can't eat just one though. Smile

All you've got to do is cut up and roast butternut squash with cinnamon - so delish you won't even think about poptarts!

you could try blending berries and stevia together into a sugar-free jam like spread, then spread it on whole grain bread or a wrap, then fold it over and pop it in a toaster oven till warm and toasty



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