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Healthy Options at J Alexanders Restaurant

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Okay guys - I need your help. J alexanders is an upscale chain (steaks, seafood, etc...)


I am going there tonight with my husband and his family. What do you think would be my best best (healthy, lowish fat/cals, etc.)?


Here is the menu link for the location we will be at       & nbsp; brook.pdf


Please provide any insight, suggestions, etc!


Thanks in advance! Happy FRIDAY!

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i can't open the menu :(


but i would say you are safe w/ any grilled chicken or fish, just make sure there isnt any cream sauce or anything like that

Thanks for the help Jenny....if you want to help even more try this:


1.) Go to

2.) Then go to menu/locations

3.) Then go to Illinois

4.) Then go to Oakbrook (the location we will be eating at)

Open THAT menu - does that work?

Bump - sorry but I really want ideas/insights/help on this one!

The seared ahi salad is a good choice with dressing on the side,  Grilled norwegian salmon. Or you could ask  to see whats the fish of the day. Haha hopefully you like seafood. If any of the dished come with the mashed potatoes or mac n cheese you could subsitute for grilled veggies. Hope that helps :)


OOOO! You will have TONS of to choose from! I am jealous, can I be a stow away and tag a long?! 

SALADS: Honestly you can eat any salad just as long as you modify it to your liking... I would recommend firstly to have your dressing on the side and ask for no croutons (if offered) &/or cheese - cheese is quite the FAT BOMB and you know restaurants could give a crud about your diet, so they'll load it on. If anything ask for a side of cheese (if you must have it at all) and then top your salad with the amount you feel comfortable with. 

FISH & SEAFOOD: Once again, they are all great choices just as long as you are sure about some specifics like... whether the fish is basted with butter or olive oil, breaded or dredged in flour before grilling, etc... Essentially what you want is a piece of fish that is lightly seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper, herbs & spices and in terms of side dishes, make sure they are vegetables that are steamed in water or sauteed in olive oil. Oh and crab cakes... another fat bomb - 

For the meat selections: go for the leanest cuts of meat in relatively small portions because I am pretty sure all their meat was fed grains like corn, which essentially is what FATTENED up the animal to begin with... so if eaten to the excess... will fatten people up... If I had to chose between a meat entree (discluding the poultry - because chicken is a pretty good choice)... I would choose: the filet mingion with no sauce and a side of broccoli and the seasonal vegetables. 

* Well I guess that's all I have to say about that... Have a good dinner! Enjoy! And have a great weekend! 

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Some great suggestions!  We're going there tonight, and I was googling their nutrition info and found this thread.  It's so hard to eat out and stay on track!!  i scimped all day, and have an "allowance" of 731 calories for dinner to stay on target.  That's a lot for one meal, but I'm afraid I still might not make it at this place!!! Anyway - I know it will taste good :-)

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