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Is it healthy to eat eggs every day?

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Lately I've been making omelettes for breakfast almost every day. Sometimes 2 eggs and sometimes only 1 egg/1 egg white. My dad says I shouldn't eat them everyday because they have a lot of cholesterol and should only eat them once or twice a week. But omelettes are the only things I can make that fill me up and are low-cal. I mean sometimes I find other things to make, but usually a lot of omelettes. Is this healthy or what other filling breakfasts can I make? 

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I think it's fine to eat eggs everyday. As long as you're keeping the amount of cholesterol you get from other foods down then you'll be fine. If you're still worried about it try the egg substitutes. They should be low in cholesterol. And your body does need a certain amount of cholesterol. So it's good to eat some, just make sure you don't overdo it with your other foods.

Cholesterol is so essential to the body's functioning that the body makes all it needs and doesn't depend on getting it in your food.

That said, things like saturated fats have a much worse effect on your blood cholesterol than the cholesterol in your diet.

While I'd generally say not to eat more than 4 eggs a week, you're young and unless your doctor finds that you have cholesterol problems I think you can probably eat more. But look for other breakfasts to vary things; get creative. I eat a lot of sardines for breakfast which I know isn't for everyone. They have lots of Omega 3 and vitamin D.

If you don't have cholesterol problems already then no, I don't think so. However, for alternative filling breakfasts, why not try some fibre rich foods? You could have oatmeal, for example, topped with sliced banana or some fresh berries and half-fat yoghurt on top. Or even the half-fat yoghurt with berries, topped with granola or over a wholegrain waffle (or two!). Vegetarian sausages or patties, whether TVP or bean patties, with mushrooms, tomatoes and baked beans can be really quite tasty as well.

Eggs are delicious, and a nutritional powerhouse, though, so do enjoy them. Just remember to have them as a part of a varied, balanced diet that also makes your caloric needs. :]

Im a big egg consumer - 10-20 a week.  I had good cholesterol before the habit and and when I went back for bloodwork was only just under optimal levels (which is still better than 'good').  Thats me though.

If youve been doing this for a while, probably not a bad idea to get your blood checked only because its a good idea in general to have it checked on occasion and helpful for piece of mind. Not always including all the yolks is smart.  After my test, I became more proactive of balancing an egg with a white only because I found it worked fine taste wise and a great even lower cal, high protein extender to them.

Oatmeal and cream of wheat I think are much more filling than normal cereals and breakfast friendly. Perhaps you respond hunger wise to protein and can incorporate more lean meats to keep you full.


My family has a history of cholesterol problems, so I usually watch it myself, but that's just me.  Egg substitutes, or egg white only omelettes are pretty good, especially if you add some veggies to them.  Sure, they don't taste exactly the same, but they're good.


Oatmeal for breakfast is good.  Also, you can eat other things that you normally would have at other times of the day for breakfast (salad, veggie burger, etc.).  I find that breakfast things taste better at night, and lunch things are great for breakfast (but I have heard that I am odd *shrug*).

Have you tried egg substitute? I use Better n' Eggs w/no Cholesterol. They make great omlets!

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