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Healthy dip for celery?

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I never liked celery before, but I started eating it about a month ago because I've heard it's pretty much a "free" food and it fills me up.  A lot of times I just want to eat something even if I'm not hungry!  The problem is that I can't just eat the celery on its own.  I have to slather it in ranch (which tastes delicious!) in order to enjoy it, but ranch has SOOO many calories!  I've tried peanut butter too.  It was ok, but I don't think it's much better for you.  Does anybody know of anything low-cal and yummy that I can eat with my celery?

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Laughing Cow light cheese wedges are really yummy slathered on celery, and only 35 calories per wedge.

you can try dijion mustard. very flavorful, have a similar consistency as ranch but less calories.

You can make a ranch-like dip by blending onion, fresh herbs, and low fat cottage cheese together.  

yummy yummy hommous (chickpeas)

mackerel pate with like low-fat cream cheese and horse radish

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I like celery with salsa


i agree with holbee about hummus.

it's the best.

jalapeno hummus if you like spicey food.

it's also great for baby carrots.


or salsa,

it's ultra low calorie,

and spicy speeds the immune system.

- Tomato Paste

- Olive Tapenade (There are so many varieties)

- Mustard 

- Plain Old Olive Oil! 

Fat-free veggie ranch dip.

salsa, PB2 Peanut butter, mustard, cottage cheese.

plain greek yogurt - tastes like sour cream

i buy the generic packets of dry ranch dip powder & mix it with light sour cream.  the sour cream is 20 calories/Tbsp & the packets are 5 calories each.  the directions say 1 packet for 16 oz of sour cream but i double up.  my mid-morning snack is a 16 oz gladware container crammed full of veggies & 3 Tbsp of dip.  i'm usually tired of eating before it's all gone. 


Here's some info (and ranch and peanut butter are DREADFUL for you, in my opinion)

This is yoghurt, garlic (no kissing ;-) and cucumber and is deeelicious.

Also Chunky fresh Salsa dip is excellent.

I did the same with Celery (used to hate it but after smothering it in 'something' and forcing it down i've developed a taste for it.

Enjoy x


Spin a can of drained pinto beans, some cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, black pepper, and a dab of canola oil in a food processor until it's smooth.  Makes the most amazing high-protein, low-calorie dip ever, and it's what, eighty cents a bowl?  Can't go wrong with that. :)

Thanks for all the suggestions, guys!  I'll give them all a try.  I really appreciate it! :)

lynnlette-I use drained black beans and make it even better for you. 

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