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healthiest subway sandwich

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alright, so which subway sandwich (besides the veggie delight) is the healthiest, meaning that it has little fat and least calories? without cheese and mayo of course, lol
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Probably the turkey breast.  Roast beef isn't bad, either.  Stay away from the BMT, Spicy Italian, and even the cold cut trio looks iffy to me.  Tuna is a no-no, it's packed with full-fat mayo.  I used to work there so I know all about it.  The turkey is good, though.
the turkey breast!!!
Roasted chicken breast, as for overall goes.  It is higher in protein, lower in sodium with only 20 more calories than turkey.  But all are about the same really (and all have high sodium other than veggie).
roast chicken breast or turkey

but the turkey tastes plain to me since all i put is lettuce... heh

the club & sweet onion chicken teriyaki are delicious too, but higher in sodium. but still less than 6 grams of fat, & the club is 320 cals while the teriyaki is 370.
ooh thanks! i was confused about whether the calories on cc were with/without bread but i guess they're without. oh well, still 500 calories, give or take, but hey! at least theres very little fat in it. i'm thinking of treating myself to subway on thursday hehe
You can get info at or when you go there the calories are listed (for the ones under 6 gm fat) just about every where.  Don't feel bad about asking them which condiments are low cal, they have 3 fat-free for 40 or less calories or vinegar has zilch and adds a little zing to it!  And a note that the cheese is two tiny trianles, 40-50 cal and 4g fat, and can hardly taste it.
the calories on cc include the bread...thankfully :)
and leiann-  the vinegar has nothing in it? no calories or sodium or anything?? that would be great becuase i LOVE vinegar on my subway sandwhiches- but usually just avoid it becuase i never know if anythings in it. so i can put on as much vinegar as i want??
now i am happy! :)
oh thats a huge relief knowing that they do have bread included! lol i was started to think that i could eat mcdonald's fries instead of a 6inch and put on less calories. lol. but thanks guys! :]
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all the sandwiches on the nutrition guide INCLUDE 9-grain whole wheat bread.  If you want different bread, then look at that part of the nutrition guide.

Stay away from Cheese and Mayo and the Chipotle Sauce. 

Vinager and Yellow mustard are fantastic - add all you want.  Make sure you get those veggies on the asndwich too.  (most subways will also cut out some of the bread from the bun if you ask..... reduce the carbs...)


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