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Healthiest Granola and Granola bars??

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I can't help to snack on granola.. they're so addictive. >< I know the oats in it is healthy but the sugar that glues it together is not.  Also, I'm a very busy college student so it is my on the go food. Does anyone know which is the healthiest granola or granola bar avaliable? Or is there an another option thats similar to granola?

Thank you for your answers in advance. ^^
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Kashi bars (I like the honey-almond-flax) are quite good, and have quite a bit of protein and fiber in them as well.

There quite a few organic brands out there that would be good as well.

This is weird because i just had two packets of granola bars just now! they are indeed very addicting... Since i'm also a college student like you, i know that making your own granola is out of the question. (:  But i think it's really good to stay away from nature valley since they are really high in sugar most of the time... Doesnt Kashi make granola that's a little lower in sugar?
Kashi bars.. interesting, i'll be sure to check them out!! ^^ Yay, I hope you're right about those bars being lowerin sugar blah07. I feel like granola bars are usually too sweet anyways. ^^

I don't know how they compare to sugar levels found in a brand like Nature Valley, but I do know that the honey-almond-flax ones are sweetened with evaporated cane juice (raw sugar) and honey, so it's a bit more natural than the refined sugar and HFCS you'd find in most other brands (like Nature Valley).

I really like them because of the whole almonds and all the fiber.  One of those with an apple, maybe a piece of cheese, is also a great light lunch. 

My favourite granola bars are mady by Kashi and Nature's PATH (not Nature Valley, which is pretty junky). They both make granolas too but I haven't tried either. Nature's Path Instant Oatmeal packets are really good! 
I love Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars.. 2 of them are 180 calories :)
I like Luna Bars. They aren't exactly granola bars, but they work.
Kashi is probably my favorite but I really really like the Odwalla bars, lots of organic whole grain stuff in them and they add lots of other things like Omega acids, vitamins and such.

Just have to mention Bora Bora Bars. They are at Costco or online

made by Wellements. Have no sugar/ no corn syrup -sweetened with Agave syrup-which they told me does not raise your sugar levels at a peaked rate.

Great for diabetics/ kids. They taste great and are totally organic. Cost is about a dollar a bar-pretty comprable to  Lara or Luna Bars..

Yummie granola bars -

Peanut Peanut Butter Kashi Bar
Nature Valley PB - Oats;Honey Bar
Peanut Sesame Kind Bar drizzled w/ Chocolate

But there are other flavors! Those are just my favorite. (:

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Cascadian Farm granola bars, Clif Z bars, and Odwalla bars are great.

My vote is for Kashi Chewy bars: lower in sugar, higher in fibre & protein = fillingSmile

I second the clif z bars - chocolate brownie is amazing!  organic ingredients, and it tastes like a dessert to me!

My favorite granola is called Enjoy Life Granola. It is much less calories than most granolas although it is a bit crunchy.. For granola bar, my favorite is also clif z bars! Good luck! Whole Foods has a lot of great options for bars and granolas!

Granola: I like Bear Naked - I haven't found a flavour that I haven't liked thus far.

Granola bars: I like Fiber One oats & chocolate, Luna Bars (especially peppermint chocolate & peanut butter cookie), & Clif Bars.

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