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what's considered the healtheist Chinese food out there? and i'm talking about the local Chinese food place, not like a fancy healthy gourmet Chinese restaurant. it's the usual choices. what should i pick? i'll choose the smallest size offered, but i don't know what to get. suggestions please!
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you might look at pei wei's website to see the nutritional values of various dishes. i did this a few months ago, and i seem to recall that the dishes featuring veggies & tofu were lowest in calories.

portion control is critical though - Chinese restaurants usually serve family style, with 3-4 servings on a platter, plus rice, so it's easy to eat way more than a single serving of anything.
In general....

Steamed rice is lower cal than fried rice.

Most veggie entrees are fairly low cal (green beans, etc.)

Look for entrees in which the meat/fish/chicken is not breaded and fried. For example, broccoli beef is lower cal than orange beef

Soups tend to be low cal and you can often get a bowl of soup instead of an entree

Ask your server how an item is prepared; they are usually very helpful.
Isn't healthy chinese food an oxymoron? Just exercise a little portion control...and enjoy!
Look at the chiense people? How many of them are fat compared to americans. Traditional chinese food isn;t that bad. Problem is we go to Western restuarents, or even chinese restaruents that become lazy, and use way too much oil. Plus people eat way to much there anyway - the chinese retaurants serve food thats 'going-out" food for special occasions. Chinese people dont live on sweet and sour pork every day.

Steamed anything is good, but make sure you specify you dont want oil added. I recently went to a chinese restaurant and got a plate of steamed greens with oyster sauce. THey also poured on a pile of sesame oil. :(

I dont know about your local haunts, but if its a more relaxed place like my local, they seem to have better choices, like chicken and sweet corn soups, steamed dumplings and buns, plain rice for cheaper and free chinese tea (fill up on this one as it keeps you full, cleanses your palate and slows down your eating) Prawns in a light sauce with plenty of vegetables are ok too. Often the chicken can be a little gross, so make sure its breast or thigh (usually will say) and not coated in crumbs. If they have steamed fish, go for it. You can pick the bits you like. But once again, specify no oil. Get flavour from the shallots and ginger.

Try Dim SIm. A LOT of it is unhealthy, but you pick and choose little plates, and you can order steamed veggies, and look before you buy. Things like har gou, siu mei, steamed bok choi. To save cals, go for the soy, but its pretty salty. I often dilute it down with water first and only dip in my food.

In terms of dessert, if you MUST, then prolly got a little jelly. THe mango pudding osunds healthy, but often has coconut milk added. Fresh fruit is a great choice too.

Just get a bowl of plain white rice, a plate of mixed veggies, maybe some prawns, and ask them, which contains the least oil, or can they cook with less or no oil. _subgroup.cgi has dim sim food, but others too. Like congee etc.
thanks guys, good suggestions
so i'm choosing between two:

steamed shrimp with mixed vegetables
wonton soup with a side salad

which one should i pick?
Oo I love wonton soup!!!
Only thing is I once had a wonton with a big lump of fat. So if they're good qual wontons, go that. THey may be home made.  Maybe ask for them to throw in some extra chinese greens, or mushrooms for a low-cal nutritional boost.  YUmmy!!

thanks for all the suggestions guys. i love wonton soup too, but i wanted to try something a little different from my usual Chinese food fare and went with the steamed shrimp (smallest size order). it was so good, about 5 shrimp, with lots and lots of veggies. i drizzled barely any lite low-sodium soy sauce (it didn't even really need it) on it, it was delicious. and very filling, i couldn't even finish all the vegetables.

You might not be going to this particular restaurant, but you can get an idea of which foods are higher in calories.
Wow, 5 shrimp isnt that much. Must have been pretty low cal! :) Hope you enjoyed
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