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Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Source

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For those who are confused by a lot of conflicting information about dietary choices in the popular media (including the web), I suggest you take a look at the Healthy Eating Pyramid created by the folks at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Here is a link to the image: iles/2012/10/healthyeatingpyramidresize.jpg


I can't promise that these recommendations will never, ever be revised.  But I think that they best reflect what the available evidence indicates we should be doing, and it's a very simple course on eating healthy - just read one chart.  Unlike most of the other information out there, this is not the findings of a single study (or even just a handful of them) nor is it the preaching of an eccentric food evangelist, or someone trying to make a lot of money by scaring you or getting you buy their advice or products.

There is a lot more good info on the HSPH website at this homepage:



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Oct 20 2013 23:18
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Here's something else you might be interested in Barry, if you're not already aware of it. NWCR exists to study how people maintain weight loss over long periods of time. It's not so much related to specific diet (though most participants eat low fat diets, and don't skip breakfast) as it is related to behavior.

Hey, thanks, thhq - was not aware of that but it sounds like an interesting project, and learning the habits of those who have succeeded long term at weight loss could be very helpful for us here in general and me in particular :-)  Thanks very much!  

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