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What does happen to you when you have too much fiber?

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My fiber intake is a bit high. Around 50 g per day but sometimes less and sometimes more. I have noticed that my stomach is upset most of the time but I don't know if too much fiber is good for your diet?

Feed back please. :)
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fibers fine, but if u have ALOT like i used to... make SURE U DRINK LOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTSSSS of water... u dont want to know why... haha just make sure u drink the water
You need to tell this to your doctor.  It could be irritable bowel syndrome or something else.  I'd have it checked out if I were you.
Also 50g is a lot. Myabe try reducing it a bit.
Also you'll know if its bad for you, You'll smell bad.
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Fiber is really good for you.  According to my GI doc, it regulates bowel movements and lowers your cholesterol (among many other good things).  If you have Irritable Bowl Syndrome, you actually need to get more fiber (!) to prevent stomach aches.  But since you eat so much and have pain, you should talk to your doctor.  You either need to eat a different type of fiber (there is soluble vs insoluble, etc) or get it from a different source.
I went through a phase in which I was positively addicted to oat bran, and was eating a TON of it, along with my whole grain bread and other fiber sources. Instead of regulating my BMs, I got awful stomach aches and had some... er... not so fun times on the toilet (wow that's embarassing, haha).
If you can, cut back a little. Fiber is great and healthy for you, but too much can hurt your tummy.
I can eat 60-70g of fiber a day with no problem.  But maybe people have different tolerance levels.  I definitely notice a difference when I eat more insoluble fiber, like from fruits and vegetables ... I'm more likely to get a little stomacheache or feel bloated.  Drinking a lot of water is really important to keep the fiber moving, otherwise it can stop you up.  Always a good idea to run things by your doctor.
Too much fiber can cause severe constipation which may result in an obstruction which needs medical attention.

I recommend you talk to your doctor and together come to conclusion about whether the amount you are eating is right for you. I think 25g a day is what I would consider a healthy amount.
you poo and you poo...and you poo =P but fiber is good for feeling u up more
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Due to all the talk about how important fiber is, and all of its benefits (feeling full, helps w/ digestion etc), I started taking fiber supplements daily (2 tablets is the recommended amt, which is 10g fiber). I also eat a lot of fruits and vegtables. I have been trying soooo hard to lose weight, but now I am starting to think I am eating TOO MUCH fiber. I am losing no weight and am sooo bloated constantly (seriously, i almost look like i have a 'baby bump'). Will this pass? I am going to stop taking the fiber pills, but is there any other ways to reduce bloating?? Was this overkill?????

I average 60-70g of fiber a day, with no problems whatsoever.  Of course, I drink plenty of water.  While too much fiber can block nutrient absorption, my vegetable-laden diet is so over-the-top when it comes to vitamins and nutrients, I'm fine with some being blocked.

By the way, the average daily fiber intake for Americans is a dismal 15g. The average daily fiber intake for people living in asia is an impressive 77g.... they eat a lot of heart-healthy whole grains and fresh veggies and fruits, where we tend to eat over-processed stuff.

Both of my doctors have told me that if I had to take fiber supplements, I was eating the WRONG food -- that sure made me re-evaluate my "low calorie" diet to ensure it was a very healthy, high-fiber, low-calorie one.

As with any medical problem, see your doctor and follow his/her advice. (And drink more water.)


gosh; where's revolution (Isabel) when u need her? she's got some experience with this situation Tongue out as do i, of course I'm not the one who ended up in the hospital; but I think her story saved me from it!

what I know is that it can clog you up BIG time, and you can get SUPER sick; especially if you're not drinking enough water with eat about 30 g fiber at the MOST. no more than that is necessary Smile

It depends where your fibre is coming from.  If you're eating a lot of fruit (more than a couple of pieces a day) then the combination of acid, sugar and fibre can upset the stomach, for example.   If you're suffering from chronic diarrohea then see your doctor.  Sometimes too much fibre can cause a blockage (constipation), stomach cramps and all that can get past the blockage is watery diarrohea.

Until you can see a doctor, try eating less fruit, swapping some of your high fibre foods for other foods like proteins & drinking more water.  25g-30g of fibre sounds like a good target.
holy moly....i only get up to 30g of fiber a day if im lucky and I thought that was too much! lol obviously not

Hi ya, i have suffered with stomach problems for a while. Recently i went to see a dietician who told me that she suspects im eating to much fibre. i was confused by this because i thought eating fruit and veg everyday amongst other things was good. I took her advice and cut down to 3 fruit and veg a day, believe it or not it has really helped. although i still get a bit of an upset stomach it is nothing to what it used to be like. Also like alot of people are saying make sure you drink alot of water aswell. I used to have 2 cups of tea and a glass of juice only in a day. i now carry a 2 litre bottle of water with me and this has helped aswell. good luck!!!

I remember someone telling me a scary story about fibrous bits getting stuck in their small intestine and malabsorption happening...but that was like 100g+ fibre/day (no, I don't know how she did that either). I don't know if this was a true story either, but she was in the hospital.


If lots of it is insoluble...make sure to chew it well. I ate whole sunflower seeds (with the shell on) and didn't chew very well. The end product was...painful and bloody to say the least.

Original Post by red_herring:

Also 50g is a lot. Myabe try reducing it a bit.
Also you'll know if its bad for you, You'll smell bad.

I eat around 70g a day and I do not smell! ): But yeahhhhhhh.......I smelled for awhile there LOL but finally I adjusted, hallelujah!

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