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does anyone know the calories in Gyro meat, Its lamb I think :D
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Amount Per 1 gyro Calories 630.09
Calories from Fat 131.14   % Daily Value * Total Fat 14.57g 22%     Saturated Fat 5.69g 28%     Polyunsaturated Fat 1.59g       Monounsaturated Fat 5.25g   Cholesterol 128.1mg 43% Sodium 1011.7mg 42% Potassium 777.77mg 22% Total Carbohydrate 77.26g 26%     Dietary Fiber 3.88g 16% Protein 44.8g 90% Alcohol 0g     Vitamin A 8 %     Vitamin C 24 % Calcium 17 %     Iron 38 % Vitamin D 0 %     Vitamin E 2 % Thiamin 44 %     Riboflavin 40 % Niacin 58 %     Folate 37 % Vitamin B-6 25 %     Vitamin B-12 56 % Phosphorus 43 %     Magnesium 19 % Zinc 57 %     Copper 21 % *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower
if you're eating gyros in greece, you're definitely getting lamb.  if you're eating that mystery meat they carve up on street corners in the US, i'd be willing to bet it's beef, pork, or some combination, and loaded with preservatives.  note the sodium content in laurzone's post...scary.

btw, if you've ever had one in greece, you'll never eat the american version again.  it's been seventeen years for me and i can still taste it!
Unless it says specifically that it's chicken, then it's either lamb or beef, but I think usually lamb.
The real thing is worth every, damn, calorie. MMMMM!
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Most gyros that you get here in the US are a combination of lamb and beef. Unless you're eating at an authentic Greek restaurant, I'd bet it's a combo mystery meat. Even then, I'd ask.
i just estimated a real greek gyro (and by the way, that's a hard-G.  it's pronounced Gee' ro.  with a nice little roll to the R) in the recipe analyser.  i worked in restaurants in the islands; i think this is pretty accurate.

323 cals, 12.5g fat, 238mg sodium, 31.8g protein.  grade B+

makes me yearn for Santorini :)

(edited to add that the sodium content is probably higher than this, as i didn't account for the seasoning on the meat)
it is usually lamb but i made one with falafel and was really good!!
Hard G? In Greece it's pronounced Yee 'ro.  Regardless, many gyros are made with at least 50% lamb, the rest beef, stuck together with its own fat. So the best gyro meat will also have the highest fat content.
I wouldn't describe it as a Yee sound at all.  i guess it's somewhere in between; there really isn't an equivalent sound in english.  i just can't stand the sound of jy-ro, even in my head.
Im just talking about the meat, not the sandwich. I work at a restaurant and the gyro meat is awesome on the athenia salad. But I have stopped eating it cause I cant figure out the calories in the meat. Oh and thanks for the pronunciation (sp) customers ask me all the time and I have no clue, I pronounced it yer-o some people say hero, and other guy-ro which I hate. But gee-ro? that ive never heard before. thanks
Yee-ro is the correct pronunciation, or zhi-ro but yee-ro is easier.  I tried to get the nurtitional info from my fav authentic greek restaurant and it always seemed to vary so I would order the following:

Pita, not heated so oil was partially avoided and would only eat half, Chicken (asked them not to add additional oil on the grill, a little is good, but don't need a lot) lettuce, onion, cucumber, cube of feta, and tzatziki sauce (made with the 2% greek yogurt so around 60 cal and 4 fat for 2 oz serving, including other ingredients).  Couldn't tell you how many calories total, could figure it out...but only eat there twice a year since I moved so I'd eat it regardless if I am ever over that way!
I dont wnt to be mean because everyone is trying to help but I just need the GYRO MEAT not the gyro sandwich! I do not and have never ate the sandwich. I love the ATHENIA salad though, it has lettuce, gyro meat, peppercinis, olives, tomatoes, and cucumbers. No pita, No feta cheese, and No sauce! Sorry for being a little testy.
You are being a little testy and unappreciative!  Most of us stated it depends on the type of meat, how it is prepared, and that it varies drastically.  I looked it up for you, but if you don't want to hear what other people have to say or suggest, do the research yourself next time!

Looked up 4 sites: Great Steak, Greek odyssey cafe, great restaurants, and an adkins forum and based all on 3 oz (which is approximately 3 strips...usually put 6 on a sandwich where I go)

This is a range

200-298 calories and 21-27 grams of fat for the gyro meat only...
Everyone was giving me calories for the sandwich and all I wanted was the meat. and YES I tried looking it up myself. Thank you.

Bumping because I'd like to know as well.  All I want to know is gyro meat calories by the ounce or grams. 

Calories, Fat & Carbohydrates in
Extras: Meat, Gyro Serving Size:    x    serving (3.5 oz) oz g

Nutrition Facts Calories 350 (Kilojoules 1463)     % DV** Total Fat 31.5 g 48%    Sat. Fat - 0% Cholesterol - 0% Sodium - 0% Total Carbs. 3.5 g 1%    Dietary Fiber - 0%    Sugars -   Protein 10.5 g  

Note: A dash indicates no data is available.

YUM GYRO!!!!!!

Honestly i am craving this today! I wish i was in greece right now.


me too.  but i also wish it were june.

(edit: revised quote)

I sell Greek Food and use 1% organic yogurt in my Tzatziki Sauce to cut down on the fat content. I also have lowered the salt in my sauce to counter balance the salt in the Gyro Meat and add fresh produce. The only oil I ever use is Olive Oil and very sparingly so as to keep the fat content down.  My goal in cooking is to offer a fresh and as healthy as possible, Greek Sandwich. The meat sold in Street Markets in the Middle East and Greece is kept whole, marinaded and cooked much like the Gyros Meat we get here..but is called  Kebab. It is not the Kebab we know here in America (Shish Ke Bab).

So if i don't pack my lunch one day Kebab is a relatively healthy option compared to pizza or other things they have at school? (I am in Italy) Just curious cause I figured that the Kebab meat would be just as crappy here as it is in America but if you think it might be better in Europe I would consider it haha.

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