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Gum Addiction

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I found that I chew an insane amount of gum now, probably part stress reliever, part because it's something to do other than eat. I chew Orbit, which is sugar free, but I swear I can do 2-3 packs a day of it! So far it hasn't affected my weight at all, I'm still losing weight but, ugh!

Anyone else have a gum addiction?
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hello my name is Sylvia....and i am also addicted to gum (sorry...a bit of an AA meeting spoof :)  I chew orbitz and stride...i am constantly chewing gum, i go through a pack of gum in about 2 days, it got so bad i started buying the family packs that have like 3 packs of gum in each one.
I have the same problem. I chew it all the time, in part to stress, boredom and the need to chew something. My name is my favorite time of gum.
I'm addicted to gum too... I absolutely cannot live without Orbit!  I literally start spazzing out if I don't have any... lol...
I appear to be "situationally addicted" to gum. I seem to need it at my desk, but can go to long meetings without it.
I used to be addicted to chewing gum (I was anorexic, so it's all I ate) and I would eat 2-3 packs a day, but if gave me TMJ :(
I thought I was the only one like this lol. I can go through a pack in like 2 days too. It's horrible lol. And the cash adds up buying a freakin' pack every day ! But now, I buy the packs that come with alot of them. THose last longer. Pretty much all I chew is Juicy Fruit bc the sugar free kind has aspartame and that is really bad for u.
Yep, me too... except the gum I'm addicted to is nicotine gum. (Chewing a piece right now, in fact!).  

I quit smoking nearly 10 months ago. I could probably switch to regular gum and not even notice the nicotine was missing. I think it's all psychological at this point. But, I chew enough that my jaw aches by the end of the day. I chew when I would've normally smoked, for example, to tell me "it's time to stop eating - the meal is done" and also "just hold off another hour or two - dinner is coming" and then there's the "I just woke up and god I can't believe I still want a cig with my coffee after 10 months" piece of gum.  

I have set a goal to go off the nic gum and onto regular sugar-free gum by my one year quit anniversary. I was a really bad, long-time smoker, so I think that's reasonable.
I was told that people who lose weight do this because it substitutes the mind for eating.  We unconsciously put gum in our mouth because it tells our brains that we are eating.  I also eat alot of gum throughout the day. 
it was very cool to run into this forum. I too was addicted to gum and as time passed I became more and more addicted to it. Thank goodness, a couple of weeks ago I had a horrible tooth ache and after going to the dentist and enduring much pain, I've stopped chewing gum and eating candy in general. However, I do think that those who proposed gum is a way to trick the mind into thinking you're eating something have pinned it in the butt! :)
aprii13, what is TMJ if you don't mind me asking? :o

And is it true that people who chew alot of gum can get square jaws? Can you get cavities from chewing too much gum if you still take very good care of your teeth?
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Haha I think I have you guys beat...I go through 3-5 packs of gum a day.  I'm pretty sure I'm addicted.  I actually searched out this forum because I was wondering if anyone else has this problem.  How bad could it be, though?  My face hasn't gotten particularly ripped and I count the calories (all 150-250 of them... :x).  If anything I'm worried my enamel is going to erode.  The calories are definitely a sacrifice but it keeps me from binging and I have minty fresh breath all day long.

inches, I usually ALWAYS go through 5 packs of Orbit Sweet Mint a day.  (Man...I can't believe I'm admitting this!  I feel so ashamed.  Please don't judge me...)  I chew out of boredom, mainly.  I know it's bad for my jaws, but I suppose there's worse things I could be addicted to.  At least I chew an American Dental Association-approved gum, right?

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I wonder what it is with orbit. Seems to be the brand to trick the mind =) I have been buying the costco packs of mint mojito for the last year and i just switched to maui melon mint. It does help fill the void of just eating without being hungry.

i chew 4-6 packs of orbit a day! i am in the same boat! yikes!!!! :) I have no clue whether or not is is affecting my health negatively because I am not really sure what signs would be... let me know if you figure it out!

Yep, I'm a gum addict as well.  I don't go through that many packs a day, but probably one every three days.  I but the family packs as well.  Ha... family.... more like just me.  My gum of choice is Trident watermelon flavor.  Right now I'm chewing Eclipse, but Trident is my favorite.  I have never been able to enjoy Orbitz.  I think I don't like the mixture of flavors.  Gum has done nothing to set me back.  In fact, I think it helps.  When I get the craving for food I don't need or something sweet, I just pop a piece in my mouth.  It keeps me going.

oh my gosh, i thought i was weird for chewing almost 3 packs a day. And it is really bad because there is this one place where all the single packs of cinnamon orbit have a $1 off coupon on a 3 pack so then I can get 3 packs for 99 cents which only entices me to buy more and feel guiltier about chewing so much!!!! glad to know i am not the only one.

I used to be addicted and chewed about a pack of sugar free ones a day, but I think the artificial chemicals in it messed with my system, since after I didn't chew for a week, I became less insomniac-ish.  Or it could have been psychological - I'm not sure which xD

I am also addicted to chewing gum. I chew trident and ice breakers one too! I only chew the minty kind (ya never know when you're gonna need it! =) But i do chew like 2 packs a day. You are not alone!

My boyfriend is right with you guys -- probably a pack a day.  And he chews Orbitz.  I like it too, and probably chew 1-5 pieces a day, which is a bit more reasonable.  XD  I LOVE the Mint Mojito and the Sweet Mint flavor, but sometimes Raspberry or Crystal Mint hit the spot.  XD

Wow and I thought I had gum chewing problems; you people put me to shame!  I've been chewing about a half pack a day for the past four years, but I leave the gum in my mouth until it starts to disintegrate.  I HAVE to have a piece in my mouth at all times or I get really anxious. 

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