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ground turkey vs ground beef

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So I've always thought that turkey meat was always a better alternative than beef (as far as burgers and tacos, etc...)  But then the other day someone told me that turkey is "MUCH" more fattening than say, lean ground beef. Is it better for you though its more fattening, or is the whole thing just one big fat myth?
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Depends on what you buy.  99% lean turkey is waaayyyy better than ground beef as far as calories and fat goes.  I use it in chili, but it doesn't taste that great as a burger, good as taco meat too.  Laura lean beef is good and red meat has lots of iron in it. 
the catch with turkey and chicken is that the white meat is very low fat, but it's also lower in flavour, protein, iron, and everything else.  i don't understand the enthusiasm for white poultry meat. 
Here's what has to say:

Ground Beef vs. Ground Turkey: For backyard barbecue, your first instinct may be to choose ground turkey rather than ground round. But unless it's made only from breast meat, ground turkey isn't the low-fat option you might think it is.
In fact, the calorie and fat amounts in ground round and regular ground turkey are surprisingly close, with the beef at 218 calories and 13 fat grams and the turkey at 200 calories and 11 fat grams. To save calories, go for ground turkey breast, which knocks calories down to 161 and slashes the fat almost in half. Ground Round (3 ounces, pan-browned)
218 calories
13 grams fat
77 milligrams cholesterol

Ground Turkey Breast (3 ounces, roasted, boneless)
161 calories
6 grams fat
63 milligrams cholesterol

I use ground turkey breast for things where the flavor difference won't be noticed - casseroles with lots of other flavorings (i.e., baked ziti), and I do have one really good turkey burger recipe that mixes mushrooms in with the turkey meat which makes it very flavorful and moist and still low calorie.

So, you just need to think about your application before you make a choice.  Turkey is better for some things, beef for others.

you could always try ground buffalo :)

I used it for some nachos on superbowl sunday. yum yum

You should try Ground Boca Burger, that stuff is dam good, with a small can of tomato sauce some spices and a cup or two of whole wheat noodles, to die for.


oh and it has 120cals for an entire baggie, there is only three to a box which sux to no end since i could finish the thing in one day its so good.

Grass-fed ground beef is a lot better for you than ground turkey --

Ground turkey breast is a lot better for you than grain-fed ground beef --

Grass-fed ground beef is higher in omega-3 fatty acids & CLAs by far compared to ground turkey both light & dark meat



I buy 96% lean ground beef from my local Giant Store. EXACTLY, the same as lean turkey. Some turkey burgers can be worse then regular beef burgers. You have read ALL labels.
I am so glad I read this! I always thought that ground turkey was way better for me... I will have to be better at checking out the labels. Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the info, I was looking to use ground turkey to make sloppy joes, but now I won't. I will just eat less :)


this thread is 4 years old you realize.. right?

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