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Ground beef with 27% fat

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So I'm low on money and have been budgeting by getting the beef that's only 73% lean since getting 90% lean means spending an extra $1-2 per pound.


My question is how much of the fat goes away when you brown it in a saucepan and then drain the fatty liquid?


EDIT: Sorry I spaced out and meant to post this on the food board not here

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No clue, but probably depends oh the heat intensity and duration.


Just don't burn your meat, as tetracyclins are much more dangerous than a bit of saturated fat.


Edit - PhIP, not tetracyclins.


i've been in the OR way too long

Most of it.

ETA: I always buy the cheapest ground beef (highest fat) if I'm going to brown it.  I'll buy leaner gb if I'm cooking patties because it holds together better.

i've always bought the more expensive meat.  I too am on a budget.  I would rather eat less of the more expensive meat than more of the fattier meat.

I'm with fishbeester on this. Why not just buy the more expensive meat and eat less of it? You'll be less likely to eat too much at once if it costed you more.

That better be grass-fed ground beef

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