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Green Tea?

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I am starting to drink green tea, but I add 1 packet of Sweet n Low. I am hestitant about sweet n low because I'm diabetic and fake sugars hurt my stomach in big amounts. Plus, does putting sweet n low in green tea even out the good benefits of drinking green tea?

Is it better to just put in a scoop or real  sugar? However, real sugar doesn't sweeten it as much... I have a bit of a sweet tooth, so I almost always have to have it sweet.

Any one have an opinion on this?

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I would just try to get used to drinking it without sugar.

I'm used to drinking it without sugar  or with some honey. I too feel real sugar doesn't sweeten it much. .

I use honey and one sugar in the raw packet. Does the job.

I started drinking it without any sugar at all and after a few days didn't even need the sugar any more.  I can't say that for other tea's though, just green tea :P

I find that the flavor of green tea varies a lot between the brands and how you brew it. My least favorite brands are somewhat earthy and bitter while others tend toward mild with a slight nutty taste. Lately at work, I have been brewing a quart of hot green tea in a thermos each morning using quart size bags of Luzianne Iced Green Tea. I find it quit mild tasting and good just plain and hot.  It seems to stave my appetite well and the caffeine keeps me going especially in late morning when I start getting hungry for lunch.

At home lately I have been cold brewing iced green tea in a glass pitcher and sweetening it with organic evaporated cane juice (sugar). I use one heaping tablespoon of this sugar in about a quart and a half of brewed green tea and add juice from 1/4 lemon. It's only a little bit sweet and tart, but to me the subtle flavors are simply wonderful and refreshing.

Although I never ever add any sugar to my tea (for me it just ruins the complex and delicate flavor of green tea, the only thing that I usually add is several lemon slices or a splash of lemon juice), recently I started experimenting with addition of other 100% no sugar added fruit juices - so far OJ and especially apple juice either from the frozen concentrate or from the bottle are the winners. The juice brings additinonal dimension to the flavor and a touch of sweetness and obviously the more juice you add, the sweeter the tea will be. I also want to try pure cranberry juice, I think it might go well together.

You can also use agave syrup.  It has a low glycemic index and is great in coffee or tea. No after taste like artificial sweeteners. I use it everyday and my blood sugars are not affected by it. Some supermarkets sell it or you can get it at Trader Joe's or any other natural food store. You can bake with it as well.  

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