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Greek Yogurt in the Place of Cream Cheese

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I want to know if anyone has tried it? I tried it the other day because I thought it tasted like cream cheese and the texture resembled cream cheese. I just think it's a healthier choice...I think I might stick with it.

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Hmm. I am trying to think if I ever have- probably not since I usually have cream cheese on my bagels for the most part. I usually use the greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream since the texture seems to be similar to sour cream (at least to me, it is.)

I do not see why not because I've used sour cream, greek yogurt and cream cheese (not all at once, mind you! Tongue out) in making mashed potatoes and homemade alfredo sauce and it turned out fine.

My husband is lactose intolerant and we use greek plain low fat yogurt for sour cream all the time. Some times I will make yogurt cheese (strain overnight in a cheese clothe lined strainer) and use that as cream cheese instead. My ultra foodie friends(I am a foodie too) have never noticed a differance even after I tell them! Just find a good product, we have to pay more than other places but it's worth it.

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i was just eating greek yogurt and i thought it tassted like cream cheese, i plan to use it as cream cheese and ssee if it still tastes good

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