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grapes confuse me

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ok, so I've had the munchies this afternoon and I tried a large portion of grapes.  Hey, better than candy, but I digress.

There is a huge discrepancy on CC food listings re: the calories in grapes.  How do I know which one is correct?  Does anyone know how many calories are in grapes?
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Grapes are 60 calories a cup.

I love having frozen grapes as a snack.  One cups goes a LONG way.


Grapes confuse me too because I always weigh my grapes, and I log them by weight, but it seems that I only get half a cup for the weight CC+ reports a full cup should weigh. Initially, I counted by the grape (because I was eating them during work meetings where I couldn't weigh or measure), but learned in the end that my grapes were twice as big as a single CC+ grape was!

I just go by weight at the end of the day.

ok, so how much is 1 oz?
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I am also confused by grapes. I use to track my diet and it logs "Grapes, raw, American type, slip skin," which amount to 60 cals per cup. Then there's, "Grapes, European type, adherent skin, raw" and these are 114 cals?! That's a huge difference in calories and I have no idea what the difference is between American and European grapes. Also, it never says anywhere on the package where they came from, it just says "RED GRAPES" or "GREEN GRAPES." So, I have no idea. Can someone help me out?

European grapes are larger than American grapes.  They aren't seedless either.  At least, that was my experience with the German grapes when I lived there.

I don't even bother counting cals in grapes.  Too tedious...

Spend $30 on a food scale and go from there. Pretty much the best investment I made toward losing weight.

Ive been counting grapes as 1/2 cup = 50 cals. 1 cup = 100 cals. Ive been doing this for about 8 months

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