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Grapefruit dilema

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Just rediscovered grapefruit! in my old age I can take the bitterness and actually find it very tasty so have been trying to include in daily diet.  I know it's got lots of fanastic health benefits too.

However, after eating it literally feels like my teeth are doing to drop out.  Like really puts them on edge! for the rest of the day!

Is it worth me persevering do you think?

not sure if the health benefits out weigh the dental ones.  Perhaps my gums will adjust?



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I'm not aware of any "health benefit" that can be obtained only from grapefruit so if they bother your teeth to that extent then why eat them? 

Personally I like grapefruit but they don't cause me any distress.

highly acidic foods like grapefruit wear away at your enamel.  i don't think the health benefits of grapefruit outweight potentially weakening your teeth if you eat alot of acidic foods

however, if you really do enjoy eating a daily grapefruit and you keep getting this sensitivity try switching to a toothpaste that is aimed at protecting enamel, something high in flouride.  Also, I believe Act mouthwash is high in flouride too and aimed at protecting enamel. 

You could also ask your dentist or hygenist to write a prescription for a mouthwash that helps too.  I recently got that myself, not so much because my teeth are sensitive to a lot of acidity but b/c they tend to hurt when I use whitening gels.  I forget the name of the mouthwash but I believe it's from crest (or a generic brand that I'm told tastes horrible), your hygenist should know.

I love grapefruit too! I have some problems with my teeth too, so I often bush with sensodine (sp?) toothpaste which helps. Also, I only eat a grapefruit every other day or every two days to help with this.

my dentist recommends that i wash my mouth out with water after eating or drinking anything acidic

I'm also paranoid about eating grapefruit or the juice these days because of the studies they've started linking it with women and certain types of breast cancer. I know that doesn't make any "sense" but some folks are saying that women should never, ever eat grapefruit.

I love the stuff, too, darn it. I've got a bag full sitting in my kitchen that I've been scared to touch. :( 

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