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A granola bar addict...looking for healthier alternatives

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I loooove granola bars. They're portable, non-perishable, and satisfy my sweet tooth. I know they're not good for me, so I've been trying to give them up but have had no success. Does anyone know of any healthier alternatives? I'm not interested in nutrition/energy me, they're practically the same as eating a granola bar and a multivitamin...and are really expensive. Thanks!
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i personally like the south beach high protein cereal bars or luna bars.. luna have more cals but also more vitamins.. i've also heard kashi has good ones but i've never tried'em..
Right now, I am totally addicted to Quaker Cinnamon Toast Multigrain Cakes.  They seem to be pretty healthy and are low calorie.  I have been hooked on them for about 6 months...great with coffee!
hmm...I'm not sure about this post. I know it's a nutrition bar, but Luna bars are amazing! The top is a granola-like crisp, and the bottom usually has a delicious coating. I like to heat 'em up in the microwave granola-side's great...but aside from that, for non nutrition bars...umm...

Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate tastes great...sweet and tart thing goin on..also I really Honey Bunches of Oats Strawberry bars too..and my mom's crazy over the Caribou Coffee bars, but those aren't so good for you.
I ABSOLUTELY love the quaker chewy 25% Reduced sugar Peanut Butter and chocolate chip granola bars.. dipped in milk. ooh my gosh they are SO good :).. break the granola bar in half, then in fourths, then maybe in eigths... hold each piece in milk so it soaks for a while and then enjoy :) it is a great snack while you are watching tv and want something sweet. u really can make them last a long time if u break em:) ok im gunna go have one now!
100 calories, 5grams of sugar, 3grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein

rice cakes are low-cal and although they don't really have any nutritional value, they don't harm you either. for that sweet tooth of your you can get caramel, or chocolate chip and they're around 50-60 calories for one. they're easy, portable and pretty yummy.

if you "looooove" granola bars, don't give them up. you're not on a diet, you're making lifestyle changes that you have to live with for the rest of your life. can you honestly say you'd be content with NEVER eating a granola bar again? i love them too so, i'd hate that. maybe if you have 1 a day, have one every other day. or if you're stricter, have them only on weekends on have them once a week. but don't give them up entirely.

another healthy, pretty portable alternative would be a cut up apple in a little container with one of those single-serving portions of peanut butter you could dip your apple in. you'd be getting protein, healthy, fats and tons of nutrients and it's filling.

have you ever heard of all bran snack-bites? or nutri-grain munchems? they sort of taste like a granola bar, yet they've got loads of fibre. OH and if you wnated something sweet and crunchy, just pack a serving of cereal in a zip-lock baggy like kashi-golean crunch of whatever you like.

The Fiber One bars are good :)
rice cakes (plain, choc, caramel... yum) and PB/cream cheese.

oatmeal (same as bar, just less bar- like)


Instead of chocolate chip granola bar that has about 140 calories, have 1/3 cup of oatmeal with 1 tsp of chocolate chips and you wil have about 120 calories that satisfy your sweet tooth and that is much healthier. I have that for dessert every night and it fits my lifestyle!

Try Larabars!!!  They are SOOO good and healthy.

Check out to find out where they carry them near you.

They have very few ingredients and taste VERY good.

I love the banana cookie (tastes just like banana nut bread), peanut butter cookie (tastes like those peanut butter cookies that you make and put a fork marks on top--not sure if you remember those.. and the chocolate coconut pie.

They have many flavors so you would probably find a couple you like best.

(Cherry, coconut, apple, lemon, lime etc...)

I also like the Kashi Dark Chocolate cherry granola bars.  But Larabars are the absolute best tasting bars I have ever had and they are good to replace candy bars with.

How about buying some dried fruit and/or nuts?  And making some trail mix with those ingredients and some oatmeal?

Go natural. Larabars are very satisfying and just made from fruit/nuts. Clif 'nectar' bars are the same. They have quite a lot of calories, but they're a nonperishable, easily-portable energy source for when you can't get a meal. When it comes to commercial bars, I like Nature Valley and Fiber One bars. It really won't hurt you to have ONE granola bar every single day, you just don't want to live on them.

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