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Grand Lux Cafe!

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So my friends and I went to Grand Lux cafe in the city last night and i was flipping out because there was absolutely NO nutritional information ANYWHERE for any of the food! even less info then there is for cheesecake factory! i was craving cheesecake so bad but i was good and didnt order any. I went with a diet coke and lettuce wraps, which by the way are an appetizer. My friend told me the appetizers were small....YEAH right! i also ordered a side of white rice. Well the appetizer was huuuuuge! Ionly ate abt half of it, and only ate about 1/4 or less of the rice. I was just wondering if anyone could take a stab at how many cals that meal cost me? Or if I made a healthy choice by ordering that? I had around 400 cals left to expend for the day so I'm thinking I did ok?
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depends on what was in the lettuce wraps. i would look it up here to see if there's anything similar. i kind of doubt you went over 400, but even if you did don't look at it like a big loss, look at it as a special treat day.

Liplock! Grand Lux is my faaaavorite restaurant in the city... assuming you live in Chicago, too? I would say any trip to Grand Lux is deserving of a maintenance or cheat day =)

I guess it just depends on what's in the lettuce wraps or if you dipped them in anything... but my guess is that the lettuce wraps were around 300 and the rice around 80? So it sounds like you did great!

Now I need to try to come up with an occasion to get to go to Grand Lux myself..! 

hey i was wondering if anyone could take a stab at my order at grand lux cafe as well...

 i had a lunch special with a half a turkey sandwich, just lettuce nothing else on the sandwich, a cup of broccoli and cheddar soup (which i ate about half) and a dry lettuce only salad with an occasional fork dipped into ranch dressing. sorry this is confusing and i know everything sounds soo plain but i'm a picky eater.


thanks for anyone helping, if it sounds hard to judge, just take a guess i'd really appreciate it! 

hey! i just spent about an hour looking for grand lux nutritional info or something that i can put it all together. maybe someone can help me.. i had the crispy sesame tofu.. i didnt eat much of the rice (about 1/3 cup) im just mostly wondering about the Spicy Szechuan Orange Sauce they use in it. Help please!


Grand Lux is the same company as cheesecake factory. When I emailed them for nutritional information they told me theirs is very similar to Cheesecake Factory and they are working on providing the info.  So for the lettuce wraps...they serve 2-4 people and the are listed as 1025 calories. If you ate half than it's about 512.5 calories. Plus a side of white rice is 310 calories, so probably you ate around 100, so 612.5 calories. -pusher-comes-to-town-the-cheesecake-factory- hits-rochester/

My friend and I went to GLC in Vegas. They had SO many items on the menu! She ordered two appetizers as her meal and the servings were HUGE. No kidding, two people could eat that and have leftovers. It was crazy.

Another time, I ordered a chicken salad and it only had two pieces of chicken on it. I complained and they gave me a huge cup full of chicken! It was awesome.

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