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how many grams of sugar should you eat daily????

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geez, i can't find the answer to that ANYWHERE!!! Can anyone help me out? I want to make sure I'm not eating too much sugar, diabetes runs in my family.
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The World Health Organization‚??s recommends that 10% percent of your total calories come from sugars. Here is how the math breaksdown:

1200 calories, 10% = 120 calories = 30.0 g of sugar
1300 calories, 10% = 130 calories = 32.5 g of sugar
1400 calories, 10% = 140 calories = 35.0 g of sugar
1500 calories, 10% = 150 calories = 37.5 g of sugar
1600 calories, 10% = 160 calories = 40.0 g of sugar
1700 calories, 10% = 170 calories = 42.5 g of sugar
1800 calories, 10% = 180 calories = 45.0 g of sugar
1900 calories, 10% = 190 calories = 47.5 g of sugar
2000 calories, 10% = 200 calories = 50.0 g of sugar
2100 calories, 10% = 210 calories = 52.5 g of sugar
2200 calories, 10% = 220 calories = 55.0 g of sugar
2300 calories, 10% = 230 calories = 57.5 g of sugar
2400 calories, 10% = 240 calories = 60.0 g of sugar

There is more information regarding the influence of sugars in your diet in this post: .html

I threw together a post a while back with all the little things I learned when I first started. You are more than welcome to check it out. .html 
wow, thanks! that's exactly what i was looking for. I dont know what I would do without all of you amazing helpful people at calorie-count!!!! :D
And as X's links show that is "no more than 10 percent of calories" so you do not have to hit that 10% but instead stay under it (aka it would be ok to 0% sugar even though it's impossible.)

if you mean "added sugar" maybe, but to avoid all foods with any sugar? A healthy diet is based eating a wide variety of nutritious foods... diet fads... no fat... no carb... excessive water... are all the result of not understanding a healthy balance, even ideal diabetic diets include natural sugars


The recommendation is no more than 10% of your calories come from added sugars.

No need to limit your fruits or veggies due to sugar.

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