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100 grams of protein

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This has really helped me - so I thought I would post in case it helps anyone else.  :)

I've really struggled with getting my protein up.  I don't know why, other than I couldn't seem to wrap my brain around how to get to 30%.  Until I realized that 30% of a 1200 calorie diet is right around 100 grams of protein.   So now instead of thinking about my percent as much, I aim for 100 grams every day.

I've had the most protein in my two months of counting since I made this mental change!  I only count three other times I had topped 90 grams in a day before this.

It's a simple mental trick I guess, but it's really working for me to aim for 100 grams.
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100 grams?! I'm lucky if I get 50. Tell me how you do this without upping your fat percentage too high. 
Hi mvdb!  Well, when I'm behaving, I'm usually pretty low in fat.  Today for example, I'm just over 1000 calories now, I've had 136 grams of carbs, 103 protein, and only 12 fat.

Here's what I've eaten today, no time for cooking so far so mostly heat & eat stuff:

Go Lean cereal - 13 prot, 1 fat
1/2 c skim milk - 4 prot, 0 fat

Yoplait Light Smoothie - 6 prot, 0 fat

Sara Lee Delightful wheat (2sl) - 6 prot, 1 fat
6 oz tuna - 38 prot, 2 fat
2 tsp dijon mustard

100 cal pack baked Cheetos - 2 prot, 4 fat

Boca burger - 13 prot, 0 fat
2sl fat free kraft american cheese - 10 prot, 0 fat
2sl Jennie-O turkey bacon - 6 prot, 1 fat
Sara Lee Delighful wheat hamburger bun - 4 prot, 1 fat

I'll probably have something with some fat in it for dessert, like pudding with sliced almonds, just because my fat is so low today.  I don't eat red meat, so most of my protein is really lean.  Hope that helps!  :)

Edited to add that this menu was way high on sodium, so not such a great example.  But that's pretty much always going to happen when you don't cook your own stuff...
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pandajenn, that's what i am aiming for, too---100 gm of protein a day.  it's made me feel so much better, and less hungry.  i still keep my fat around 20%, and the carbs just over 50%.  my main protein sources are tuna, salmon, egg whites, lowfat string cheese, nonfat cottage cheese, nonfat yogurt, lean chicken and turkey. 

all of these help to increase protein with very little increase in fat.  another one i have occasionally is lamb.  very high nutrition grade for that one.
I have been aiming for 100 grams a day too.

Whey protein powder - mix it with skim milk and a few ice cubes, and put it in the blender.  It comes in all flavors (chocolate!!), and it actually tastes pretty good.  19 grams of protein in one scoop!

I also get a lot of my protein from chicken breast and tuna.  Slimfast makes a high protein bar also but it has 190 calories.
panda- I'm impressed. I guess I just need to rethink my menu. I do a lot more veggies and a lot less dairy (headaches), but my cereal seems to be lacking in the protein department compared to yours. I eat 1/2 cup of All Bran Extra Fiber everyday (50 cal, 1 fat, 3 protein, 13 fiber) and I eat it with (I know it sounds gross) 1/4 cup milk and 1/4 cup water. How many calories are in the Go Lean?
Hi mvdb!  According to the Go Lean box it is 140 cal per 1 cup.  The food log says it 140 per 3/4 cup, so there's a typo if you enter it in.  I know a lot of people eat the Go Lean Crunch, but I think the original Go Lean is a little better for you with 140 cal, 1 fat, 30 carb, 10 fiber, and 13 protein.  And, it's delicious!!  It's by Kashi, and I have yet to try any of their stuff that I don't love. 

But, I'm doing 1 cup of cereal compared to your 1/2 cup, so if you look at it that way, your's is really, really good for you to.  More fiber, less calories and protein. 
I may just have to give the Go Lean a try, although I have come to really enjoy the All Bran- hard to believe, I know- I used to think it tasted just liked it looked, like little twigs, but now it's like a treat, and the fiber really fills me up, even at 1/2 cup.
I may mix it with a Dannon Light n Fit Smoothy tomorrow (5 grams protein, 70 cal) to up the protein level. Thanks for your help
Go Lean is made by two different companies -- Kellog & Kashi even though they both say Kashi their calories are different.  Type in KASHI and then look for GO Lean

we have to eat protien as we exersise and want to promote and maintain new muscle growth. I eat 100 grams a day of protien, and quite often 40% of my diet is protien, even though id like to keep it at 30.
I don't understand something.  Is the nutritional information for Kashi Go Lean wrong?  Here's what it says

Nutrition Facts Serving Size Standardized to 100g Amount Per Serving Calories 314 Calories from Fat 28 % Daily Value* Total Fat 3.1g 5% Cholesterol 0mg 0% Sodium 88mg 4% Total Carbohydrates 71.0g 24% Dietary Fiber 25.0g 100% Sugars 17.5g Protein 21.0g

Is it really 314 calories a serving, and is a serving really 100 grams?  That seems a little high.  I'd like to try it if it's that high in protein though.
Cekurs, I believe you are looking at the Kellogg brand Go Lean.  If you do a search for Kashi, and then click on Kashi Company, you will find the Kashi Company GoLean cereal.  That's the one that is 140 calories per cup, according to the box.  The site says 140 per 3/4 cup, but I believe that is a typo.

wow, 100 grams of protein?  I am lucky to get around 60-70.  I don't know, your afternoon diet and mine look very similar, but that breakfast cereal!  I usually eat Weight Control Quaker Oatmeal with 7 g. protein and some strawberries.  I have a yoghurt and a cheese stick for snack in the morning.  I also put a chicken breast on my salad for lunch, along with 1/3 cup cottage cheese.  For a snack I usually have an apple or and orange.Tonight I'm having veggie stir fry with tofu, and my total today will be 70 grams.  I think I'm going to have to look into that powdered protein mix.  Where exactly can i find it?  I don't know how I would ever get my protein up, otherwise.
Hi, Kids! Don't forget egg whites, tuna and sugar free protein shakes (get a nice portable shaker glass and it goes where you do!). 

And remember that your body can only process around 20 grams of protein at one time! 5 servings a few hours apart and go to go. It adds up really quickly. Glass of skim milk, 9 g protein - don't overlook the little things ... your pasta may be LOADED with protein! Even your bread could have a gram or two.
This is a very helpful post with many good tips. I am always low on protein and this gave me some good ideas. Thanks
I have started eating Smart Start Soy Protein cereal in the morning. It tastes awesome and has ~20 grams of protein. Need to look into powders or something though, as I only end up between 50 and 60 grams per day. Don't want to eat too much chicken as my cholesterol is too high. And I don't enjoy the taste of tuna.
I get my morning protein by drinking chocolate Spiru-tein mix (96 cal, 0 fat, 14 protein) in two thirds of a cup of skim milk (60 cal, 0 fat, 6-ish protein) and snacking protein in light n fit (60 cal, 0 fat, 5 protein) and a south beach cereal bar (these things are AMAZING - 140 cal, 5 fat, 10 protein). these are all great-tasting and excellent ways to keep the protein up when you're snacking and want to keep calories and fat low.
eweless -

What's the snacking protein in light n fit you refer to?
I picked up some ON 100% Whey Gold Standard Double Rich Chocolate protein mix from GNC last night. 120 cals, 1 gr fat, 3 gr carbs, 24 gr protein. I was expecting it to taste horrible as they used to back when I was trying to build muscle years ago. I was pleasantly surprised that it did not taste bad at all. It tatses like weak hot chocolate. Plan on getting 58 to 72 gr per day from this source.
doug, thanks for those tips because my protein is always very low and I hate red meat. These things sound workable.
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