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what is a good snack?

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I read Fitness and Shaoe magazines and they have a lot of good tips to fit a lot of lifestyles, but I am very very tired of hearing "If you want to snack try snacking on healthy things like nuts..."

I am allergic to nuts, so its so disappointing/frustrating to hear over and over again that the perfect fix for afternoon snacking is something I can't eat...

I have found a few on my own like homemade popcorn. Does anyone have any other ideas that don't include nuts?
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how about fresh fruit and veggies, or rice cakes? Or if you are looking for protein, some cheese cubes.
I have found that crisp fresh veggies do help the fix... baby carrots or bell pepper sticks... but I find that after a couple of days I get bored with the same thing...

I hope you all can help me bring in more variety ^_^

Buy those snack zip lock bags and fill them with your favorite cereal, about 1/2 to 1 cup.

100 calorie packs.  There's a ton out now: cheese crackers, cookies, and even muffins.

Animal crackers are good ~130 cals.

FiberOne Snack bars ~150 cals and lots of fiber.

Fruit and veggies, of course. can buy the smaller sizes for ~70 cals.

Hope this helps :)
I snack on weird stuff.

Oatmeal, 140 cals for a serving.

Baby carrots, 40 cals.

apples with pb (yum!)

wheat thins (my absolute FAVORITE. Get the multi-grain, they're the best) I substitute them with tortilla chips. So I have wheat thins and salsa or wheat thins and guacamole. Sounds weird, but for me it works great. I buy AvoClassic guacamole at Wal-mart. It's in the cooling section with the veggies and it's 50 cals for two table spoons. No preservatives or weird stuff. Just avocado, onion etc.

Ants on a log (celery, pb and some raisins)

Mayfield non-fat frozen yogurt. 120 cals for half a cup. It is SOOO creamy and it has gigantic strawberry chunks.

Dannon has this great yogurt. It's only 80 cals for a whole cup and it comes in vanilla and strawberry. I think it's called light and fit and you buy it in the big jars.

Believe it or not, if you're strong, McDonalds has some goodies too! I love the icecream cones, they're 150 cals for a huge one and it's reduced fat. Yum!
I personally love beef or turkey jerky! A serving is only 80 calories and the protein really curbs my hunger. Also I like oranges and Healthy Choice soups in the microwave servings that are only like 150 calories.
I snack mostly on grapes, strawberries and rice crackers.
source yogourt is only 50 cal! and it's soo good!

banana's are filling enought to satisfy me when im hungry

watermelon and cottage cheese is a great combination!

maybe try some vegetables that aren't so fresh peas which are great..though i can only find them at the grocery store during the summer

make bruschetta on crackers for a lighter version the hard sourdough ones!

dried moderation.

graham crackers---Someone posted a recipe awhile back: take a graham cracker square, put some fat free coolwhip on it, top with another graham cracker, wrap in saranwrap & freeze. These are REALLY ice cream sandwiches :-)

Rice cakes-Quaker makes a really good chocolate crunch one!

Whole wheat toast with jam or apple butter.

Low fat mozarella string cheese

fat free or sugar free Fudgsicles

low carb wheat tortilla with chicken or turkey...or fat free cheese.

tuna...i like it plain right out of the can. Starkist has "very low sodium" albacore.

pickles...if high sodium isn't an issue for you.

(but my fav is also popcorn :-)
Here are some of my favorite snacks

Egg White hard boiled
piece of cheese
sunflower seeds (might be out with a nut allergy though)
skinny cow ice cream sandwich
small cup of all bran yogurt bites or fiber one type cereal (very filling)
mini bagel with light cream cheese
This week I discovered sugar free fudgsicles!! Oh so good! Only 40 cals for one!
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Hummus (chick pea paste)!!! Only 70 calories per 2 table spoon.
i love carrots with salsa (I know ti's weird, but so good!)
i'm also a huge "carrots and salsa" fan! my friends give me a hard time... but hey, it's alot better for you than chips and salsa! and just as crunchy and satisfying. maybe someday the trend will catch on :)
yogurt is yummy.  try looking at if you like granola bars, theirs are sooo good and very good fro you.
Celery and salsa!  YUMMMMMMMMM
OMG, do I hear you!  In fact, my very first post on CC was about that!

If you want crunch, go with fruits, veggies, popcorn, or a healthy cereal.  Even some crunchy granola bars are OK (watch the fat).  Some people also suggested sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and edamame.  (I don't like seeds so that didn't work but it might for you.)

If you want protein, egg whites or cheese or a bean dip/hummus or even an ounce of meat will do it.  Pair them with low-fat crackers or veggies.

My favorite is a slice of w.w. bread with an egg white or a small amount of lunchmeat because I usually crave carbs and protein around 4 pm.
rice cakes, tuna and 90 cal fiber bars. love grapes and carrots too.
I've posted one of my favorite snacks here once which was sliced apples with cinnimin sprinkled on them.  I like nuts so I also added them but you could add other spices (like the combo apple pie spice you can buy) and throw in some crushed granola, small amount.  This way it's not just a plain apple but like apple pie in a bag (which is what I call it) 

Also, I like to feeze my grapes sometimes, it just changes things up and tastes like a frozen treat instead of just fruit.

good luck   
carrots are great !
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