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Gluten Free & Dairy Free Snack Ideas?? (Newly diagnosed!!) HELP!

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Hi everyone! So recently I found out that I am allergic to wheat and dairy. This is terrible news for a carbivore who LOVED yogurt and froyo!!

I've been on the gf/df program for a couple of weeks now, and have had pretty good success eating both diary and gluten free. Recently, though, i've had a couple of slip-ups because i was craving something that included dairy or gluten, had a tiny bit of it, and ended up feeling terrible for days after.

My main problem is that i need help with snacks! I already eat lots of brown rice and corn tortillas, better than peanut butter, soy yogurt and cheese, lean meats, cooked veggies, bananas and apples, but i'm looking for "munchy" type snacks. I try to stay away from cereal because it's too much like candy or cookies to me, and so i've been eating a lot more nuts that i would like to - too high in calories!!

Any help would be soooo appreciated!!

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Check out this site.  She does gluten/dairy-free stuff.  I've made a few of her recipes and they were all good.  I bet you'll find some stuff you like :)

Vegetarian Times magazine offers weekly gluten-free and dairy-free recipe e-newsletters. Sign up here:

popcorn, rice cakes, soy crisps, ry vita crackers (i think all of the ry vitas i've seen are wheat free)

i'd suggest checking out your local co-op if you haven't already.  i find they're much better about gf options than the regular store-  you'll probably also find some for a much better price there than you might otherwise (esp. in bulk).  also, i don't know where you're at, but might there be a gf joes in your area?  i haven't been there myself, but it's my understanding that the entire store is gluten free.

good luck!

Unless you live in a smaller town, there is probably a gluten free section in your local grocery store.  There are some very good soy chips (I like the BBQ flavor) and rice chips (sorta like Doritos).  There are even gluten free pretzels.  Of course, most tortilla chips are gluten free, although there may be cross contamination if other products are produced on the same equipment.

Mary's Gone Crackers are gluten free, as are Multi-Seed Crackers from Healthy Gatherings.  There are also nut based crackers made by Diamond, but for some reason those make me nauseous even though I can eat nuts just fine.

You can also find gluten free oats and use that to make your own granola or trail mix. 

If there's a health food store by you, they probably have all kinds of frozen foods, soups, dry goods, etc. that are gluten and cassein (milk protein) free.

Eating pre-made gluten free food is expensive, so I would increase your intake of raw veggies and fruits for an easy and less expensive diet.

Hi! I like making fruit salad (the reductionist version: an apple, an orange, some pineapple and a tsp of flax seed). I usually have two servings from this one.

Also, you can munch on rice cakes, soy yogurts, pumpkin seeds, fruit, baby carrots.

Good luck!

is there a trader joe's where you live? they usually carry stuff that is gluten-free. also i order snacks from this site, you can search by what is gluten-free. its pricey but some of the products are awesome.

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