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gained weight from binging on grapes?

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I eat regular meals consisting of protein, healthy carbs (veggies), & grain (white) 2 times a day and breakfast is 3/4 of cereal with skim milk (less than 1/2 cup), but I have also eaten a lot of grapes for snacking, possibly 6-10 cups a day.  Will this hurt my weight?

anyone with similar diet have experience weight gain?

anyone responses will be appreciated. 
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Yes!  There is a lot of sugar in grapes!  It happened to me as well.  Try to cut back on grapes as a snack and pick a food that is lower in sugar.  Grapes are healthy, but in moderation!!
mmm grapes... i hear them in the fridge... they are calling me... idk sorry I love grapes tho i keep them in the fridge and get up and get a few when I want them so i like to think I burn them off just getting them... prolly not true but either way its better than M&Ms lol
oh fluffyveed that makes me sad... but you're probably right... speaking of the little devils... how many calories in a pound of grapes? yes I eat them by the pound...
Yeah, the thing is some of us (like me) need to watch our sugar intake.  Being very sensitive to sugar - I tend to gain weight easily on sugary fruits & starchy carbs.  So grapes, even though they are relatively low in overall calories, they are very high in sugar!
I meant to add that a good alternative are berries: blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc...  they are lower in sugar, but again - moderation!!
Do some people gain more on sugar whereas others might gain on starches, or protein, or fat? Or am I completely misunderstanding you?
well 10 cups of those are 620 cals. that would be half of the minimum 1200 calorie diet. i dont know what cal count you are on.

i havent had that reaction with grapes.

combo of carrots and diet soda. yeh. i eat those by the bag.
i seem to only gain of that stuff if i am dieting alone without exercise. otherwise exercise seems to keep me losing.

but you could freeze your grapes and take longer to eat em.
bag them up in those little snack size baggies and throw them in the freezer. that way you know how many you are eating.
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That's way too many grapes, and you'll gain weight by eating too much of anything.

I don't even know how you can eat that many grapes without feeling sick.

grapes have 60-100 calories a cup according to this site. so you could be eating 1000 calories worth a day! that many calories worth of anything can definitely make you gain!
I used to eat 10 grapes on the side with lunch, but then found out I'm allergic. :( They still good, but too much sugar!
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I count grapes as 110 calories a cup

that's 1100 calories worth of grapes alone!  There is such a thing as too much of a good thing...

Definitely cut back to 1-2 cups per. day
3 full meals and 10 cups of grapes is waaaayyy too much if you want to lose weight, would actually be surprised if didn't gain weight.  Sounds like you may be eating just to be eating and that is not healthy.  I know it can be hard to reduce overall portioning when you love to eat, but you should really reduce the amount of dm84 said, too much of anything isn't good.
Did the grapes total more than 3500 calories?  Was that at least 3500 over and above your normal expenditure?  If so then you would gain 1 pound, just like you would with 3500 extra calories of any other food, no matter what it is.
fyi i did research and a pound of grapes is 320 calories... deep sigh of relief...
moderation. you need variation of fruits and vegetables. i realize certain things are 'in season' or whatever but you really should do your body a favor (intestines and stomach included because they are fairly acidic) and mix it up
It's nice to know I'm not the only one addicted to grapes. They're absolutely my favorite binge food. They never last more than a day in my house. But it's better to binge on grapes than it is to binge on ice cream! I try to get smaller bunches at the store so I'm not eating a whole pound. Because yes, I will eat a pound of grapes too.
I think we all have to remember that none of us got fat by eating too many grapes.

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Most of us don't eat them by the pound either.

If you eat too much of anything, you will gain weight. Appearing on a list of healthy foods doesn't change that.

i don't count the cals in fruit or veggies and i've been maintaining for over a year... so i don't know... i mean everybody's body is different, but i can't see grapes having a huge impact...
Stephanie14, you may be maintaining but guarentee if you were eating 10 cups of grapes/fruit everyday you would no longer be able to say that.  There is no argument that could support eating that much, regardless of if it is a healthy item.  Large quantities of food in general is not good. 
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