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So I just finished dinner, which was appx 750 cals (enchiladas). This put me over my cal intake by about 400 cals. Here's the problem...I'm full, but hungry. Is it just my body trying to digest? Or am I actually hungry? What's up?! I don't want to eat any more, but I don't want to be hungry for the rest of the night.

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Maybe you're simply thirsty?

that happens to me all the time, esp. when i fill up on something like a huge bowl of steamed veggies and a huge bowl of soup. volume-wise i am stuffed, but i think this happens to me when i don't get a proper fat/protein/carb combination at every meal. i am still hungry, because my body knows something was missing, and the proper protein/carb/fat is important to feeling full as well as being healthy. btw, it should be divided calorically around 50% carb, 25% protein, 25% fat.

Yeah, sometimes your body mistakes thirst pangs for hunger pains.  Check out these facts from this site:

  • 1 glass of water shuts down midnight hunger for almost 100% of dieters.
  • In 38% of Americans the thirst mechanism is so weak that thirst is mistaken for hunger.
  • Drinking water separates the sensations of thirst from those of hunger.

I sometimes have the same problem, and you really just have to psych yourself out.  Think mind over matter.  Good luck.


Along with what was already said, perhaps it's post-meal blood sugar flunctuation.

I get the same problem too. It is important to know what your body really wants.

So this happens to me a lot but if I wait about 30 to 40 minutes or even an hour or two, I am typically over my hunger... But if I happen to be still hungry I snack on veggies like bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, cabbage or tomato paste! 

Snacking on veggies is the best thing to nibble on when still hungry. 

Sometimes Im hungry immediately after a meal, other times ill be randomly hungry in the middle of the day...either way i just ignore it sometimes and pretend like Im not. As mentioned above-a glass of water can help. Otherwise Ill go ahead and distract myself with something (for me its knitting, taking a walk, or cleaning). Then an hour and a half from then if Im still hungry Ill eat something, because then I know that its really my stomach saying "feed me" and not boredom or emotions. Hunger makes too many people stop in their tracks and stuff face to suppress it immediately. Its not bad to be hungry sometimes. Just my take on the topic.

I know that feeling very well, and it's terrible. As mentioned above, it might just be thirst. You could also try tea, it's fun to experiment with different flavors. If that doesn't help, simply keeping busy as also mentioned above is the best thing to do.

Another thing that I like is having a piece of hard candy around, like a lollipop or a candy cane. It gives your mouth something sweet to keep busy with, and it's usually less than 100 calories.

My doctor told me that your body gives you the same signals for hungry as it does thirsty.  Enchiladas are pretty salty so your body was probably saying, "I need a drink!" 

Sometimes though, I'm what I call "mouth hungry."  My tummy is fine, but the meal was tasty so my mouth wants more food.  Hope this helps.

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