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6 full eggs every day too many?

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I eat 6 full eggs every day in two omelets - one for breakfast and one for evening snack after workout. Do you think that's too many? I feel like it's a waste of the good stuff in the egg when you throw out the yolk. You read so many conflicting reports. I don't have high cholesterol and I'm 30 year old female and BMI 22. I exercise a lot and need to eat about 3,000 calories to maintain.

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Nope not at all. I ate 6 eggs today. I also think it's a waste to throw out the yolk - that's where all the nutrients are. Eggs are great sources of protein, fat and micronutrients. Cholesterol from food doesn't actually raise your blood cholesterol so don't worry about it. 

Actually, cholesterol from food does not raise your blood cholesterol for most people, but it does for some (about 20%).  And there really does not exist a test to determine if you are one of these people or not.  But if you are eating lots of whole eggs and your blood numbers are fine, you can eat away.

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Yeah, eating 6 eggs in a day is fine, but eating it every day? I'd get sick of that pretty quickly. I don't think it affects your cholesterol, as laur3nmae said.

If you said you were maintaining on 1800 I would have said don't do it, because it is difficult to fit all the stuff you need in the remaining calories. But since you maintain on 3000, I don't think it matters.

I too have serious ethical concerns about throwing away something so nutritious as egg yolk.

I agree with what they say about the numbers. However if it does become an issue, you can always  throw out all but one yolk.

My former boss would eat 6 eggs or more a day (she LOVED eggs) and she was thin and in good health.

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all of the advice and suggestions. :)

as long as you're not topping the eggs with gobs of ketchup, I commend you on your ability to eat that many eggs in a single sitting.

2-3 eggs fill me up for hours, but they give me TONS of energy! fav food of all time, I don't go a day without!

eat up!!


I had the same thing on my mind because I eat 2-3 a day.  I think I'll increase that now!  They are great to get filled on with very few calories and inexpensive.

lavender1981:  I Googled and found quite a bit of information, opinions, and thoughts about people eating whole eggs. 

I would suggest that moderation in all things could be considered.  I don't know that eating 6 eggs every day is being moderate.

If you go in for annual checkups and find that all your blood work is fine, then probably eating that many eggs daily is OK.  If you had access to asking a professional dietitian/nutritionist whose opinion you trusted, you might check with him/her.

I am not a health expert (nor are the other posters who said eating 6 whole eggs a day is healthy); I would advise you to do some thorough research into the subject.  I am wondering over time, such as many months or even years, if you continued the habit, if eating that many eggs daily would be healthy.

Shane, she alreaedy said that her cholesterol levels are fine. You wrote an essay to just comment that one should check with their doctor.

Yeah, but look how much better you feel putting me in my place. 

BTW:  She asked the question, Do you think that's too many?

And I answered it, giving my rationale.

I think that's too many. 

Well, research now shows that eating whole eggs would be beneficial, as opposed to leaving them out, considering what the vast majority of people displaced these calories with in the past.....lots of nutrients in a whole egg. Most people seem to freak out over the cholesterol in eggs, but again recent data shows that the fat in eggs has a positive effect on the particle size of LDL....basically it makes the LDL particles larger and less likely to be oxidized, and of course it increases HDL and also makes those particles bigger.....hence the increase in total cholesterol in the blood, which for the most part has been misinterpreted as a negative, which it shouldn't. Saying that I think it would be difficult to eat that many eggs everyday.

Not too hard to eat that many - Poached egg for breakfast, a three-egg omelette for lunch, Egg fried rice for dinner and an egg-based custard on dessert is a dead easy way to get there

Glad the research backs up eating whole eggs.  I am sure that some fat is good for us and throwing away food is unconscienable to me with so many going hungry in the world.  Great forum posts!

6 eggs is perfectly fine. My dietician has me on exchanges for my meal plan and 3 eggs counts as one "protein" exchange. Most people have 2-3 "protein" exchanges for a normal diet, so 6 eggs would fit perfectly into a healthy diet! :)

Thanks again to everyone, it's really helpful to me to get everyone's opinion on this!! I think unless something happens and I start to become unwell, I will keep on eating up, as I love to have an omelet. 

The difficult thing about answering this question is that you are consuming such a high number of eggs per day/week. Several people have commented that they too eat several eggs/day and have no ill health effects but this is a false logic as many smokers smoke many cigarettes every day, 1-2 packs or 20-40 cigarettes, and yet don't suffer ill health effects for years, if ever. So basing your health decisions of today based on the immediate evidence of adverse health effects (or lack thereof) is not a good strategy.

Most of the info found on the internet, from both reputable and less reputable sources, does not address eating 6 eggs/day. Most talk about eating 1 or 2 eggs/day. If you bypass all of the opinion pieces and go right to the research, we can see that the reason for this is that the research in regards to the health benefits/costs of eating eggs tends to focus on eating 1 egg/day or less. In this research, it has been shown that eating 1 egg/day contributes to a less than 1% increase in risk for developing cardiovascular disease (CVD). These studies also point out that many other factors including smoking, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, etc. are much larger risk factors for developing CVD.

The one caveat to the eating eggs issue is if you have a genetic predisposition for heart disease or have diabetes. So assuming you don't have either of those and given the fact that you exercise regularly and I assume are not obese or a smoker, and probably eat an otherwise healthy, balanced diet, then eating 1 egg per day is certainly an acceptable risk (<1% increase risk of CVD).

The hard part of this question is that you aren't eating 1/day, or 7/week, but are eating 6/day or 42 eggs/week. Since there is an increased risk of developing CVD with just 7 eggs/week (albeit small), one can logically assume there is a greater risk of CVD if the number of eggs per week is 6 times higher. Of course since there is no research on the possible effects of eating such a large number of eggs/day/week we can't be sure if there actually is any greater risk or, if there is greater risk, if the risk increases in a linear fashion or if the risk increases in an exponential fashion. For example, the risk of eating 42 eggs/week could be exactly the same or negligibly higher. It could be 6 times higher if it increases linearly, so maybe 3-5% increased risk. Or it could be dramatically higher, like 15-20% or even greater increased risk if the risk increases exponentially.

All of that being said, regardless of the increased risk, since you live a lifestyle that does not contain many of the other CVD risk factors, you can probably eat 6 eggs/day and handle the increased risk (whatever that may be) unless of course it's in the last category of exponentially increased risk in which case you may want to modify your consumption habits. Since the effects of eating such a large number of eggs/day is not known, it isn't a bad idea to play it safe.

Personally, I would recommend no more than 3 eggs/day, 1-2 would be even better. If you don't like the idea of throwing away the yolk due to waste concerns, then just buy the egg whites in a carton (not the imitation egg stuff that has other added ingredients but the stuff that is just egg whites). You could eat say 4-6 egg whites and add in 1-2 eggs each day. That way you're not throwing away the yolks constantly and also not consuming a large amount of yolks which have an unknown CVD risk associated with them.

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