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So, recently, I've been eating absolutely horrifically. Especially for someone who's as calorie conscious as me! I was doing some filming for Channel 4 down in London/Hertfordshire way this time last week, and I don't even want to go into it! Everybody know's what crew foods like though (sh**e, to be blunt), so I don't think I need to mortify myself and remind myself anymore!

Anyway, I got back, and got back to my usual diet restrictions, which are a lot.

Back on the old half slice of toast in the morning, with a precisely measured amount of cranberry or orange juice.

Back to the endless cups of tea.

Back to waiting for 4-5pm to come round, just so I can finally eat some tea and something more than half a slice of bread.

Then my Mum goes to the market at the end of the day, and for the first time, she sees them getting rid of their surplus, end of day stock, incredibly cheaply. So she comes back with no joke, around 80 bananas, 10 peaches and about 20 oranges.

I'm addicted to peaches and nectarines!

And fruit in general. I mean I suppose it's not so bad as being addicted to cake, which is a demon I'm always trying to beat, but I was just wondering, can you eat too much fruit? A fruit binge, quintissentially? Is it bad for you?

Today the 'fruity' things I've had are:

Glass of cranberry juice

3 peaches

A banana

Is that bad? Is the sugar in the fruit bad?


Thanking you kindly :) xx.

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I personally don't think that there is such thing as eating "too much" fruit!  I've already ate a peach, several strawberries and almost a cup of red grapes today, myself.

How many calories do you normally eat per day? You really shouldn't eat nothing but half a piece of toast until after 4-5 p.m.!

That's really not a huge amount of fruit either, so don't be worried about that.

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Also, don't worry about the sugar in fruit.  It isn't like the sugar in soda or candy, which comes with nothing but empty calories and no nutrition.  The nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you get from fruits are worth the sugar in them.  Plus, they are simple unrefined sugars that are easier to digest.  When you are evaluating your sugar intake, many people discount all sugar from fruits.  It is your ADDED sugar that you want to keep track of and limit.  And I agree that it is highly unhealthy for your body to only eat half a piece of toast until late afternoon.  That is terrible for your metabolism, you are denying yourself much of the nutrition you could have had if you had eaten healthy meals, and it will make you hungry later.

um no wonder you "binged" on fruit if all you had before was bread and tea.

I don't think you can eat too much fruit. I'm addicted to watermelon at the moment and I'd be able to easily eat half a whole watermelon a day if I tried. Much better than eating too much cake and I find it tends to fill me up more than cake and bread.

Every evening for my last snack of the day, consists of a fruit medley. 

Usually 250 g watermelon
       &nb sp;     300 g apple
       &nb sp;     250 g canteloupe

or I mix it up with honeydew melon, blueberries, clementines, oranges, plums etc.....always 3 diff fruits at night.  As long as you are within your calorie limits for the day , it's all good!!!!Cool


I'm with the others who've said "no wonder you're hungry!" Gee... I've only eaten a few grams of food today and the day's 3/4 of the way done... I wonder why? Seriously, you need to eat more than that for breakfast.

As for the fruit I think that if you were eating, say, 40 oranges a day (and I HAVE heard of people doing just that!), it would not be healthy. However, eating just over the daily recommendation is not what I'd call a "binge". I had cranberry juice and two big pluots (plum/apricot hybrid) today. A couple days ago, I ate 400g (more than 3/4lb) of watermelon, a banana, a pluot, and had cranberry juice mixed with club soda. Just keep the fruits in with a healthy (not 1/2 slice of toast for 3/4 of the day) food plan and you will be healthy and lose weight!

So did you get a sugar rush or crash?

neither, to be brutally honest! i'd say more of a sugar rush though. it's like whenever i come back from my errands, which involves me walking 3 mile to the nearest main centre and 3 miles back, i always have a coffee and it gives me a rush. sometimes for lunch i'll have a green apple and a coffee, especially at college, and that'll perk me up too. but not for long, i suppose. i mean all i've had today again is half a slice of wholemeal toast with marmite, and like 5 cups of tea. i'm abstaining from fruit as much as i can i've decided! once i start eating, i have a tendency not to stop, and that's why i have to kurb it. it's like at f***ing buffet tables, and all you can eats. theyre absolute no go areas. i was in london, and exactly this time last week i ended up eating most of the buffet. fortunately, this involved a pack of strawberries and a pack of green grapes, so it wasnt all bad. but it also involved breadsticks and hummus dips, a slice of currant cake, and already that day i'd had bran flakes and a slice of coconut cake, and then i went on to have a waffle with ice cream and maple syrup and nachos and chicken legs, teamed with tons of booze. it's insane, but i cant stop with all you can eats. once i start, that's it.

ANYWAY, moving swiftly away from my absolute pig-out and going back to my fruit concerns, thanks for all your replies! you know what made me laugh today aswell? i'm very into history, and i've just started a new book called the mammoth book of jacobean whodunnits, and in one of the first sentences, the author describes james 1st of england, and 6th of scotland. i quote, he had a strong scottish accent that few english could understand. he was openly homosexual, fondling his favourites in public. he had a rather disgusting habit of dribbling, he drank too much and had such a fondness of fruit that he suffered from frequent bouts of diarrhoea. but at least he was against smoking, so he wasn't all bad.

lmao i dont think i have any problems now! xx

Original Post by agelikiaddiction:

lmao i dont think i have any problems now! xx

Yeah, besides the fact that you're starving yourself. But you already know this.

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