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I have a few bags of walnuts in the deep freezer.  They have been in there for maybe 5 years.  Do you think they are any good?  They don't appear to be freezer burned.  I used some of them 3 years ago when I made X-mas goodies and they were ok.  But, I boycotted the holidays for the last 2 years so they have just been sitting there. 
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Nuts have oils in them that can go rancid.  I keep mine in the fridge and have found that they taste yucky after a few months.  You should defrost a handful and then try them.  Frankly, I would not use them just because they are that old, but I work for some chef's and they are very cautious, especially because they are feeding the public. 

I also invested in one of those foodsaver machines that sucks all the air out of the bag when you store something.  I use it for meat mostly but also stuff I want to save for a while in freezer.  I extends the life of the food tremendously.  I don't know about 5 years but at least a year. 

Good luck!
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