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Does frozen food weigh the same as fresh?

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I sliced up some banana and popped them in the freezer for a snack. Each one was about 4 ounces. Will they weigh the same once frozen.. or does the weight decrease/increase?

I was also wondering this about other foods, such as chicken. If the serving size is.. say 5 ounces, does that mean frozen, dethawed, or cooked? The package doesn't say.

Veggies, too.

Does anybody know?

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If you're looking at the serving size on a package of frozen goods, the serving size should be in the frozen state.

It's the same amount of food as the banana you put in the freezer and should technically weigh the same, but frozen things sometimes attract surrounding water and therefore will weigh just a little more from the extra ice.

Thanks guys! I figured if it came packaged frozen, then to weigh it frozen.. but I wasn't sure about the bananas.

sammy, I've found that frozen food loses about one ounce when cooked.  So 4 ounces of frozen chicken turns into 3 ounces when it comes off the grill.  The other posters here are right, you should count the calories at their frozen state and not weigh out the same # of ounces after it cooks.   I've experimented with other foods as well - 14 ounces of frozen veg turned into 13 ounces after cooking.  Results may vary so weigh before and after to get a feel for it.

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