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Frozen dinners and sodium...

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What is up with frozen dinners and the amount of sodium in them? I've never been a big fan of frozen dinners, but I quickly grabbed one from my freezer today that had been sitting there for a while (on sale) and took a quick glance at the calories (220)... So I'm thinking to myself, cool... then ran out the door to work. I usually make myself a salad for lunch but I was in a hurry this morning so I didn't get a chance to make one, shoulda made it last night.

Anyway, as I'm putting it in the freezer at work I notice it has like 1000g of sodium! That's about 50% of the daily recommendation on the box. (For a 2000 calorie diet)

This wasn't any special lean/low-fat brand, but I'm wondering before I go buy more if even the leaner brands have this much sodium?
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Healthy Choice has an average of 600mg per meal, Lean Cuisine around the same 500 to 600mg.  I have been really good about staying in the limits on everything else but constantly go over my sodium (I do not add any salt or salt products to my meals.) It seems if its low-fat, fat-free or low cal its high in sodium.  If anyone has any ideas on snacks and meals low in sodium please share. ssndl1106 do you use salad dressing on your salads? check out the sodium on that, I found a wonderful dressing then realized its 550mg of sodium per 2 tbsp!
This is based on what I've heard or read - take it with a grain of salt (ha!  get it???)

The sodium, aside from giving what could be bland food flavor (remember, take out a lot of fat, and you take out a lot of flavor...)is essential for freeze-drying food. 

I eat a Lean Cuisine almost every day for lunch, but because I *never* add salt to my food, I'm usually fine on salt.  Plus, I try to drink a lot of water and keep flushing it out.

To me, the salt is worth it - because I get to have a variety of lunches, and I don't have to try to put something together before work when trying to get two kids ready, their lunches made, myself cleaned up and dressed, etc....
I love my lean cuisene meals and I just take the sodium in them and add it to my tally for the day.  I rarely go over...and LC makes me feel like I am eating a home cooked meal without all the hard work and guessing...:)
Smart Ones (I think they are the Weight Watchers brand) have about 230-270 calories a piece and are about 650mg sodium - not too bad.
OK, cool. I guess it's just the brands I buy. Those ones that are always on sale are the ones that sit in my freezer for emergency days, and that's the Banquet brand. (orange box) And I guess it's that brand, cause I grabbed a spaghetti one this morning and that one's 1000 as well...

The reason I asked is cause a lot of foods I eat are high on sodium so I'm purposely trying to cut back on the sodium. I always go over on sodium. I also never put salt on anything. I'm not much of a salt person. Now pepper I love. :)

As for the question about the dressing... actually, no I haven't checked the content on that. Ooops. I better huh? :)

Amy's Frozen Dinners have a few options that are lower in sodium.  For example, the Light in Sodium Brown Rice and Vegetable Bowl has 250 mg of sodium.  The Light In Sodium Vegetable Lasagna has 340 mg.  The only drawback is that you have to find out which stores carry these low lighter sodium dinners.

You can get more info from their site.

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