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I've heard a lot about the goodness of a frozen banana.  I want to try it, but I was wondering if it would be better to freeze it with the peel on or if I should peel it, store it in a baggy or something, and then throw it in.

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peel it, baggy it, freeze it, enjoy it.

one time i left the peel on and froze it, and ended up having to toss the whole banana; the peel was impossible to get off.

So when you take it out to eat, do you just hold the entire banana in your hand and gnaw/suck on the other end?  Do any of you slice it, or keep it whole?

I've sliced it, partially dip the slices in dipping chocolate, then freeze on a plate - when frozen it's basically like eating candy.  Alternatively, you could cut the banana in half crosswise, then stick popsicle sticks in the ends before freezing to make "banana pops".  (Which are also good when partially dipped in dipping chocolate before freezing.)

I slice and layer the banana in a tupperware style dish with 2 layers of plastic wrap between each banana layer. Then use the bananas to make smoothies. They pop out easily.

I'd been sticking them in ziplocks but that tupperware idea sounds better. I cut them up for smoothies too. 

I like the flavor of bananas but hate the texture of raw banana.  Frozen bananas blended in kefir and vanilla syrup is just like a shake, it's so good!.

 I want to try it, but I was wondering if it would be better to freeze it with the peel on or if I should peel it? One time I left the peel on when I froze it. I had to let it sit out to get the peel off and the banana got incredibly mushy. Then I froze it again. It came out deformed and weird looking but tasted fine. So take the peel off.

Frozen bananas are amazing in a smoothie. They make it creamy- like you added alot of Heavy Cream or something....

store it in a baggy or something? Freeze it in a plastic baggie or a tupperware container.

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jonasfreek - read the first response written by ericainrecovery in the thread. That should answer your peel question.

I have a frozen banana almost every morning after I work out.  I put it in the blender along with a variety of fruit.  Today I had blueberries, melon, a frozen banana, a scoop of vanilla protein powder and soy milk.  It is refreshing and it tastes great! 


I peel and slice mine.  Then just eat it plain or in smoothie with soymilk and vanilla, or other fruit/berry added is good too. 

It tastes like icecream to me just plain.  Very yummy.

Have you guys ever frozen any other fruits?  I want to try'd they turn out for you guys?

i used to freeze grapes. they are weird at first but after you have had a few they grow on you. the outside is hard and tastes of nothing but when you get to the middle its all sweet and icy and lovely. :)

i peel the banana, cut it into about 4 or 5 pieces (depending on size) and stick toothpicks in them before bagging and putting in the freezer.

then i can eat them like mini ice cream:)

do not leave the peel first of all; it makes it a million times harder to get off after freezing.
i like to slice them up and put them in a FREEZER PROTECTING ziploc bag.
if you dont put them in a cold enough freezer or the right plastic bag, the bananas go bad real fast.
enjoy!- its 10x better than ice cream

how long do you freeze them for? i just put some in my freezer planning to eat them tomorrow. but then i googled frozen banana and all the recepies said like, freeze for 1-3 hours. will it be TOO frozen in the morning?? :S eee

maybe ill have to have a midnight feast:) ahha

I think that is a minimum to freeze, not a time limit to use.  I freeze mine overnight and eat them throughout the week.  They get really hard and so they are like ice cubes, which is the point.  Instead of using ice and diluting the drink, they are the frozen part. 

It's like freezing coffee for iced coffee. 

Why do bananas turn black after being in the freezer for awhile???

not going to lie, you have to freeze them for over 24 hours. its soooo frustrating but the result is worth it. Unfortunately I precut and froze about 2 dozens bananas before I left the country for 2 weeks (hoping upon return i'd have delicious bananas to come home to) only to come back to see that they were black and almost fermenting into a syrup... i threw them away sadly.
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