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fresh cut-up veggies

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I know this is a really stupid/silly question but....How long do veggies last after you cut them up?  If I were to cut up some peppers, onions, and cucumbers and mix them together, how long could I keep them for if I ate a little each day?


Thanks :)

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Not so silly, quite practical actually.

From my experience, it's best to keep things in separate containers, especially if there are onions involved.

I think the onions would last the longest, maybe a week, before going soggy and slimy, cucumbers will last maybe 4 days before they begin to get gooey, and the green peppers somewhere in the 4-5 day range before they begin to get slimy and smell strong. If you cut them up and store them mixed together, the cucumber will get everything else quite soggy, which will make things deteriorate faster.

Hope this helps.

ohh ok thanks so much! i'll be sure to store them in separate containers then!

But you may also note -  it's best to keep them in the fridge unwashed and uncut, if you want to preserve them longer. I prefer using fresh veggies within 3-4 days after buying. And if you eat small amounts what's wrong with cutting'em separately for each meal..????

try this... Right before I use my bell peppers and cucumber, I clean them and slice just what I am going to need. Then I wrap them in a paper towel. It helps to sop up the extra moisture and they last much longer. Then when I want some more, I can just slice up what I want and re-wrap (don't have to wash and clean out the seeds...) Works for me! Good luck.

thanks. yeah i was asking this so i would always have some cut up ones ready to throw a salad together with. but i guess i need to overcome my laziness and be willing to cut them up a little at a time when im ready to use them :) ..its not like it takes that long anyway

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