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Freezing pre-shredded cabbage?

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Quick question- can I freeze pre-shredded cabbage for a couple of days before I eat it?

 I would then be eating it raw in salads and not cooked.


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Try a small amount and see if you like it.  Cabbage doesn't have a whole lot of water in it like some other vegetables, so it might turn out ok, but probably a little limp.  The best way to see if you'll like it, though, is to just try a little.

yea, i only go shopping 1/wk and it seems like by then end of the week, that and lettuce starts to go bad so i wanted to preserve it somehow?

I used to buy the pre-cut stuff, but the heads last longer and are cheaper as well.  I had cabbage that lasted more than a month - it seems to do way better than lettuce.  One trick is to only wash and cut up what you are going to use in the next few days.  The more intact you leave the heads, the better it lasts.  I've also heard that if you take it out of the packaging, wrap it in a dry paper towel, and put it in a plastic baggie, that helps it last too - but I haven't tried that.

hmm, thanks, yea, the reason i buy it preshredded is bc during the week, im not going to start cutting and washing cabbage or heads of lettuce.  yes, im being lazy, convenient, and time crunched i suppose, but im not going to cut+wash the stuff during the week, i know that.  maybe ill just try and get more ppl to eat it, then ill need more midweek, hmm, oh well

Hear ya there - I have a hard time sometimes too.

Well, experiment and see if it turns out okay.  If not, you can always freeze it when it gets on the verge of turning, and use it for soup/stew this winter.

I can tell you from bitter experience that raw cabbage does not freeze well.  What you get when it's thawed is limp, watery, chewy and tasteless, not crunchy and sweet like fresh. 

Does a local salad bar have shredded red cabbage?  That's good and you'd only buy what you are going to use immediately.

thank you both!

great idea to freeze later in the week bc it is good cooked, and when cooked i dont think anyone would be able to tell that it wasnt 100% fresh!

salad bar, not really near me, or not one i could think of at all actually but a great idea.

You really would be better off buying a whole cabbage and cutting up what you need.  It would be much cheaper, for one thing, but more importantly fruit and vegetables lose quite a bit of their nutrition if you store them cut, even in the refrigerator.  It doesn't take very long to wash and chop a few cabbage leaves.  Five minutes maybe?

If you chop it yourself, and put it in the fridge in a container, it'll last longer than a week.  Plus its tons cheaper.  Just take a minute to DO it. You don't have to chop the entire head at once. If you don't eat a lot of it, buy GREEN BAGS to put the rest of the hunk in. They really do work.

what is a Green Bag?  will it work if i put the preshredded stuff in it?


Meyers' green bags  for ya, arguskin.

x17star17x- where did you buy yours?

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