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If You Freeze Yogurt Will It Turn Into Frozen Yogurt?

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Or atleast some what like it?
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 Yes, and it's delicious!
The  fat  free stuff gets nasty, but I tried Activia once and it wasn't bad ;D
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Tends to get a bit frozen solid...
half of it was frozen when i took it out so i got a fork and mixed it all up again :)
It never works for me. It just gets hard and freezer-burned. 
Sugar-free Jello Puddings freeze great, though. 
sort of! I do that sometimes. It's not exactly the same, but I like it because it takes longer to eat!
Those yogurts for kids in the plastic tubes work great....

Try freezing it in an ice cream maker, if you have one.

i took the yogurt out of the freezer today and it was rock solid lmao....this wasnt a good idea.
Ive heard of those who like freezing pudding but when I tried it the consistancy  was ruined for me. No longer creamy as it melted.  Guess I would be skeptical with yogart too but depends on the person.
I freeze the kids yogurt tubes as treats and they're great, we even put them in the cooler to bring to the beach.

This thread was inspiration for me to try freezing yogurt. It was rock solid but I just put it the microwave for 15 sec and it was perfect. It wasn't the same as frozen yogurt but it was yummy, it was yoplait key lime too, my favorite.

All of you have inspired me also to try this for I have never thought about freezing yogurt.  I'll have to do it soon.

 Thanks for the Idea!



i mix:

nf milk, cottage chees, yogurt, and crushed pinapple and freeze it. maybe add some splenda to taste. its delicious!


everytime i try to freeze yogurt it ends up like a big giant, yogurty ice-cube. and then when i try to thaw it it goes all curdled. Sealed

maybe it's the type of yogurt i use? who knows.

yoplait whips are great frozen!

yoplait whips yogurt works great. 

fyi generally higher fat yogurts work better because fat doesn't freeze solid like an ice cube. 

i freeze greek yogurt (even fat free works) and then once it's frozen solid (yes like an ice cube) i put it in the fridge for a day. it thaws a little so you can eat it with a spoon but it's still frozen. it thaws very slowly in the fridge so you don't get the frozen inside/melted outside like if you leave it out. 

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To get it to come out like frozen yogurt, try putting it in an ice cream maker.  It needs to be stirred while it freezes.  Without that it's a yogurt popsicle.

I freeze dannon vanilla yogurt until it's solid and then I pop it in the microwave for about 25 seconds and it thaws a bit without curdling. delicioussss.

Original Post by meleba:

It never works for me. It just gets hard and freezer-burned. 
Sugar-free Jello Puddings freeze great, though. 

Ohmygod that sounds amazing.

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