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Is it OK to freeze granola bars?

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My local supermarket is having a super sale on my favourite Nature Valley Fibre Source bars at $1.50 Cdn.  I would like to stock up but I have never froze granola bars and wonder if any of you have.  I can't see any harm in it but, then again, I don't want soggy,tasteless granola bars in 3 months' time either. 
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my grandma freezes everything, and it all turns out okay. only way to know is to try

i used to freeze luna bars, and they were just fine.  i'd think granola bars would be similar.

as a sidenote, i actually used to freeze nearly everything to make it more difficult for me to eat right away (peeled bananas, bread, nuts, beans, even soy products i bought in the refrigerated section).  in my experience, things that freeze well:  nuts, bread (NEVER refrigerate bread), spices (NOT herbs; but if you're going to cook the herb as opposed to using fresh in a salad, then you can freeze in in the ice cube tray w/water), meat.  cheese is tricky; many people say not to, but actually you can freeze farmer's cheese, mozz and goat cheese, so long as they're wrapped tightly; don't freeze blue cheese bec it messes w/the texture; don't freeze ricotta or cottage cheese.  (hard cheeses need not be frozen, bec they'll just age and taste better after time spent in the fridge).

good luck w/your granola, which is def something i'd eat 10x more of if calories DIDN'T count.

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I find that they are usually still fine in 3 months... and I dont freeze mine

I think itd be fine if you froze them too. I freeze everything... from bananas to bread
I love to freeze granola/nutrition bars (especially choc. ones). Its just like frozen candy bars...and they last longer. I also like to heat 'em up for a while (coating side up). delicious either way:)
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listen, by the sounds of it you are hoarding granola bars for a diner's delight. There isn't fooling anyone at this site that the stash under your bed has run dry. So just forget about the dimes and nickles you'll save on crumby granola bars any way and buy one box at a time, actually, make that one bar at a time.

Quit being a saver and lose that weight
I havent read your other posts, lorna, but who the heck has the right to say you've got some binge eatng desire?
I dont know about you but I buy in bulk because i am a poor uni student and freeze everything as I cant get to the shops all the time. Granola bars should be fine. Buy a few boxes, freeze one and in a few days, try it. If it fails, sell off the fresh ones however you can (individually at work or whatevers) We only have muesli bars in australia, not really granola bars, but I'd imagine it'd be the same.
anything tastes better frozen (;
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