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Freeze Dried Fruit!!! :) I have struck GOLD

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I love Seneca Apple Chips but was shocked to learn that they are what they say.. CHIPS! (meaning they are fried like a chip) They have 7g of fat and 140 calories for 12 of them.

Well, my sister-in-law came over w/my nephew and she told me to try his freeze dried fruit - they were light, fluffy, sweet and crunchy and the entire bag was 40 calories or less (depending on which fruit you get they range from 30-60 calories). She got them at Costco but you can also order online. The only drawback is that you have to buy in bulk and all one flavor instead of the variety packs at Costco. Bulk price is $120 but that's for 200 bags! So, they come out to 60 cents per bag which is GREAT compared to other freeze dried fruit prices. Also, there is no sugar added, this is just natural sugar that you find in the fruit. You can eat out of the bag as a snack or put on your cereal.. or mix in your yogurt or even bake with them! Easy way to get your fruit in and a GREAT low cal Snack!!! 

Ok, I'm off to buy $120 worth of apple! lol

P.S. I heard the apple and pear were really good! Pineapple was supposed to be good but a little crumbly. Not sure about Mango. Strawberries are actual mini strawberries - cute!

Once opened you have to eat.. they absord water once opened and will not stay crisp.

mmm, I am in heaven!
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i wonder if it's at all possible to freeze-dry them yourself? anybody?
Nature Valley has baked apple chips 50 calories a bag I think there is like 6 bags in a box.  I found them near the granola bars in walmart.  I have also recently found freeze dried strawberries at Trader Joes in the nut section.  They are yummy. they come in a tub and the entire container only has 130 calories.
xuraiya, it is possible. I think you can buy a dehydrater, or something like it...I'm not sure, it's possible the dehydrater makes only dried fruit, and not freeze dried. But I'm sure there is a buyable machine out there that makes freeze dried fruit.
approximately how much did these freeze dried fruits cost at costco? i'm intruiged.
Jennifer, that link shows where you can purchase 2- 12 bag packages for under $20 instead of buying a whole case...just FYI

Melissa -

lol, I wish I would have paid attention to that!  I could have gotten a variety! Darn it!  lol  OH well... I'll be eating apple crisps for awhile. :o
xuraiya -

I don't think you can freeze dry them yourself.. they make is seem like it's a pretty intense process. ? :)
Great idea.  thanks for the link!

I have a food dehydrator and use it to make apple chips and banana chips.  I tried cranberries, but they were hard....take a long time because of the hight water content.

I will have to see if I can find stuff like this (freeze dried as opposed to dehydrated)......

Thanks again.
Have a great day!

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he freeze-dried process is a long and labor-intensize process.  That is why "freeze-dried" fruit is more expensive than dehydrated fruit.  Here's a link to learn more about "freeze-drying": g1.htm

"Today's Farm" is a new brand of freeze-dried fruit that offers 4 flavors of fruit in individual serving bags and can be found at :

Apple Cinnamon 85 calories - bag equal to 1 medium-sized apple

Strawberry 45 calories - bag equal to 1 cup of fresh strawberries

Pineapple 80 calories - bag equal to (1.5) 1/2 cup servings of fresh pineapple

Peach 90 calories - bag equals to 1 large peach

This product has a "Crispy-crunchy" texture and has an incredible flavor.  One bite and you'll be hooked.


I have found a wonderful source. Ariel Natural Foods! They have Pineapple, Mango, Apple and Banana.  Calories around 36 in a 1.41oz package.  I believe each bag is worth several pieces of fruit and the pineapple is a whole pineapple!  They have one ingredient in each package, Fruit.  No additives. They sell online for $32 for a 12 pack.  That's $2.67 per bag.  I don't compare that with dried fruit (leather) or dehydrated (awful taste).  They are light and crisp and naturally sweet.  They have a recipe contest where they give away a box a week for recipes you upload.  I have actually made a whole apple pie, mango bread and banana bread with them and they're great.  My daughters have found they are great for baby too!  Like products on the shelf at the grocery store have over 20 ingredients.  This one has only one.  Fruit.

I wanted SO MUCH to like freeze dried fruit.

*sad face*

Glad you've found something that does it for ya though! 

Hi, yes, it is a good way to loose weight by eating freeze dried fruits~

I like them very much~

I could supply freeze dried fruits with cheap price.

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