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Freaked out over an orange I opened it and it's red inside

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Is this edible? Is it some kind of strange cross breed? What did I buy?

I thought this was one of my california naval oranges but the outside looked different, dirtier then the other ones.

I opened it and it's like a cross between a normal orange flesh and then there is this deep ruby red color towards the center.

Does anyone know what this is? Is it safe to eat?


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Embarassed Who knew..............not me LOL

I just found out its a cava cava or blood orange. They are suppose to be that way.

Freaked me out so bad. I thought it got infested with worms and they were all bleeding. LOL

Blood Oranges are a favorite in Italy for juice. They have a bit more fibre than Navel oranges but are lower in acidity. I make a delicious ice freezing blood orange juice into ice cubes and then crush it in the food processor.

Thanks. I'm incredibly embarrased but hey I found something new. They are really interesting looking. I like the fact that they are seedless.

I found it a bit tart but was good.

Hee hee!  No need to be embarrassed!  Lots of us have probably done something like that at one time or another!  I did it with 'blue potatoes.'  Not knowing what I purchased (I thought it was just a potato), I cut into it and was shocked to see blue flesh!  Surprised  Who wants a blue potato?

Be sure to check the price of your blood oranges.  Depending on where you live, they are usually more expensive then your common oranges.

I really like the pink oranges, which have a mildly sweet and less acidic flavor.  I don't mind paying a little extra for the pink oranges.


Pink oranges? Are they pink inside?

I don't think this blood orange cost any more then my California Navel Orange of 49 cents a lb. It got mixed in there some how and I don't think the cashier even noticed the difference. The orange didn't come with a lil sticky label on it like the others did lol.

Now that would freak me out too cutting into a potato and finding blue flesh. I had no idea they made those either. How weird.

The pink oranges look like pink grapefruits inside.  As a matter of fact, when I peeled it, I had to do a double take because I thought I'd accidentally purchased a really small grapefruit.  I double checked the sticker before I ate it and it was a 'Pink Orange.'  And boy was it good! 


very interesting. I have never seen one of those either. Now I know what to expect if I ever come across one.

It was a Cara Cara Pink Orange: ra_navels.php

I THINK I picked it up at a Super WalMart.

mmm those look good. :)

A friend of mine will cut the blood oranges up and add them to her is sooo good.

Original Post by kindal:

Now that would freak me out too cutting into a potato and finding blue flesh. I had no idea they made those either. How weird.

 They don't make them, silly, they grow they're delicious.

oops wrong terminology. Ya I know they grow em LOL

Is anybody here as old as me?  I remember when there were just two kinds of oranges - juice and navel, one kind of lemon, you almost never saw a lime, tangerines with lots of seeds, one kind of grapefruit, and the only apples, unless you were near an orchard, were McIntosh or Winesaps.  Then the 50s ushered in the Red Delicious and all the other apples disappeared.  Until now!

I love the variety now!  I want to try all the fruits.  I also wish that different varieties of banana were sold - there are many but we never see them because the big fruit companies only grow Cavendish bananas because they are big and hold up well.

Let's hear it for biodiversity!

Yeah for BioDiversity! 

I like to wander the produce department and wonder about the strange and beautiful things there. some people are delighted to tell you what the heck that veggie is and how to use it. fennel root soup is really good! who would have known? 

the red oranges must just be coming into season, as i had one this week also. 

i love all the potato varieties. i like to mix the different types with some other root veggies, like turnips, rutabaga, parsnip, and/or dikon radish. i steam them and season with a bit of salt and pepper! perfectly nummy! 

Oh my god I love blood oranges. They taste like some freakish cross breed between a raspberry and an orange.

Of course it's safe... it should taste very good. Blood oranges are delicious!

I am so happy to see this conversation.  I went to my local HEB in Texas and bought two nice size oranges (Large). Finally for my night snack I open up to see red. I was like so mad. I said grapefruit. I smell and taste it. It was an orange. So my mother never seen it before either. She goes give me some. I was worry to eat the whole thing. I mean it was as sweet as an orange. I am glad to know it was a blood orange. I still don't know how it got at HEB because it was label as a regular orange.

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