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i found the BEST salad dressing

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its called Lonzerottis (italian products) fat free sweet italian dressing...and WOW...If you can find it in your grocery store, give it a try. It will definately help me eat more lettuce/fresh veggies, and it would be great to marinate chicken in as well.

heres the break-down

45 calories per 2 tbsp, 0/saturated fat, 0/ trans fat,  0/cholesterol, 290mg/sodium, 12g/carbs, less than 1g/dietary fiber, 11g/sugars
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Of course I immediately googled it ess/utn;jsessionid=154572c92d7624c/shopdata/i ndex.shopscript

Thanks for the reccomendation.  It's hard to find really good fat free dressings.  My standard one is Wishbone fat free Italian, which I never use straight.  I pep it up with lemon or lime juice, or vinegar, or honey and mustard.  It's not that I really like it - I'm always looking for something better.
I was strictly a Western Dressing girl and I didnt care for the fat free version but I forced myself..But this stuff has the best flavor, I cant imagine what you would have to do to it to make it better..I'm done with
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