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Are fortified cereals same as having regular cereal with a multivitamin....

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...or is the absorption/ effectiveness of fortified foods better?

I generally have natural whole grains, but hve realized that fortified cereals like Total/ Cheerios have more nutrients for the same serving versus my oatmeal. So will taking a multivitamin make them equivalent?

Thanks in advance!

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This is a good question!  Is it better to eat a natural wholefood like oatmeal which, on paper, contains a limited amount of certain vitamins?  Or is it better to eat a heavily processed food like a breakfast cereal to which artifical vitamins have been added?


I would actually say that you're better off to eat the wholefood 99% of the time.   And get the vitamins/minerals it doesn't contain from other wholefoods instead of from a supplement or from fortified foods.  The exception would be if your diet is restricted in some way and the wholefood containing that particular nutrient is unavailable to you.   If your vegetarian diet meant you had trouble getting enough iron, for example, I could see that fortified cereals might be a more pleasant/practical way of resolving the problem than popping a supplement.
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