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I am watching "Unwrapped" on the Food Network right now.
They just did a feature on a website called
It's a very cool site where you can order items that are hard to find in your local grocer (remember "Count Chocula and Boo Berries?").

Well, it also has a link to items that are no longer in production.  So, even the online resource can no longer get them.
The list includes things like Carnation Breakfast Bars. Remember those? I do.

Anyway, let's take a trip down memory lane.
Who has some of their favorites that are either no longer available or hard to find?
(cakes, candies, dinner mixes....whatever!)
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Nutri-grain twists!! What I would do to see them again. They were a major part of my childhood food history.
I remember those. I didn't even realize they are discontinued.
mini poptart crunch cereal! i even remember the song from the commercial haha
I loved the coffee cream Nutrigrain Twists =]]

Oh, those sound yummy. I love coffee flavored stuff.

Anyone else remember something that is no longer available?
Definetly Velamints!! My grandma always had them and gave them to us as kids...they remind me of her so much...I WISH they made them again

the charms sweet and sour mix lollipops -- I've been looking for them forever, now I know why I can't find them -- I loved the going from sweet to sour and sour to sweet.

Man -- did betty crocker just throw in the towel on all the baking stuff?  I don't do much baking anymore, but BC was always a favored mix brand.

It's kind of strange that chocolate cool whip is on the list -- I almost bought some two days ago, wondering how long it has been in the Superfresh (HAH!) freezer??

I LOVED chocolate cool whip. I actually still have strawberry in my freezer.
Chocolate was good to eat a frozen yogurt/ice cream type fix.

Yea, I noticed a lot of Betty Crocker stuff, but surely there is stuff still available.
I haven't looked in that aisle in ages though :)
Twinkies and Zingers, Fruit Loops with cream...they were so good as a kid/teenager...they are so disgusting as an adult.

What I miss and can't find anymore are the carnation breakfast bars...they were not chewy, not really crunchy and had a chocolate or carob coating on the outside with chocolate chips and granola perhaps on the inside.
the carnation breakfast bars are no longer in production. They are on the list that I linked to in the original post.
That is what started my hunt. I remember them I loved them!
How do we give props to booberry (my preference) and count chocula without shoutout to Frankenberry?  Shout!  Speaking of cereal, if youre really old school, you might remember Quisp cereal with the alien mascot.

My saddest departure was Jello brand frozen pudding pops.  A few years ago, Popsicle brand started making them and they were disappointing fakes.  They had a specific taste and consistancy before.  No, frozen pudding is not the same either. 

Puuuuuudding pops.  Im writing Bill Cosby!
rice krispie treats cereal...basically little pieces of a rice krispie bar put in a cereal box...pure heaven in a bowl

the fruit filled shredded wheat cereal...does anyone else remember this stuff? they had like blueberry and strawberry. so yummy!
This might have been a regional thing but they were called Honees and they were honey flavored hard candy with honey centers and the wrapper looked like a bee comb with pics of a bee.  My dad always had them in the glove compartment of the station wagon which strangely had fake wood like paneling on the sides of the car.
OMG - I loved Pudding Pops! I remember looking for those a few months back and finding the 'fakes' LOL

The originals were the best.

sun123, you are right. Lest us not forget Frankenberry, although Count Chocula rules.
Wow, I can't believe some of this stuff!

3D Doritos! They were so good and they had less fat than regular Doritos!
Not super OLD, but Quaker Honey Gram Ohs!
They were great! I am not sure they are discontinued, but they ARE hard to find.
No offense to anyone whos posted but some items are so recent to me, they're making me feel old LOL

Also strange for me to watch food network, not being a cook but I sometimes do.  The chefs are fun to watch and I admit to getting lulled into those cheesy imformercials where they sell cookware - there just so corny cheery.   Anyway, my fav is unwrapped - it is so fascinating to learn history and processes.
sun, I totally understand. For me, some of this is very recent. However, it is just an example of how everyone has that one food that they remember and miss when it is no longer available.

Personally I am still feanin' for the Pudding Pops :)

My kids and I love to watch "Unwrapped" and pretty much anything on the food network.  We love Elton Brown, sometimes he will come up with something yummy and my kids will have me look up the recipe and make it.  We loved the carmel corn... 

Also, who ever was looking for the Quaker Graham Oh's , we have them at Albertsons here in my town, they are cheapest cereal on the shelf.

Alton Brown is awesome. I agree.
And I love "Unwrapped" as well.

I am the one who mentioned "Oh's!" and cheap is FINE by me :) I just wish I could find them at MY grocer :)
Although I ate them PRE calorie counting, so I am not sure of their nutritional value now :)

edit: I found Quaker's website and they actually have a section for their own 'hard to find' stuff :) line.cfm
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